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The Big Takeaway: The Shining Stars steal one against The Golden Truth while Swagger and Rusev have a good battle in the main event.


The Shining Stars defeated The Golden Truth (4:35)

Goldust and Primo start things off as Goldust ducks under a clothesline attempt to hip toss Primo. He makes the quick tag, and in comes R-Truth to stomp down on Primo. He hits a leg drop and tries a cover for two. Truth then gets caught with a kick to the gut and Primo tags Epico in.

Truth takes them both on with strikes, but is cut off by a double team and a dropkick from Epico. A leapfrog body guillotine from Primo subdues Truth, and Primo applies a chinlock. Truth gets out and tries a sunset flip, but Primo has the bottom rope. Epico comes in, hitting a suplex for a two count. Then a flying leg lariat by Truth allows him space so that Goldust can get the hot tag.

Goldust comes in with clotheslines and an atomic drop on Primo. He nails Epico and then scoop slams him. Primo breaks up the pin but Truth comes in and sends Primo outside. Meanwhile, Epico steals one with a roll-up on Goldust for the win.

Rusev defeated Jack Swagger (8:10)

Rusev comes out striking and pummeling Jack Swagger. Swagger hits Rusev with a running knee and leads the crowd in USA chants, but he’s sent outside when he charges at Rusev. We head to a break.

Rusev is stomping Swagger as we return. Byron Saxton keeps putting over Rusev for his dominance despite him having injured ribs. But, glaringly, there’s no word about why he has injured ribs. Rusev uses a spinning heel kick and gets a two count. He sends Swagger out of the ring and every time he tries to get back in, he gets waffled by a big right from Rusev.

Swagger finally blocks the strikes and gets back in. He avoids the charge of Rusev and slams him to the mat. He sets up and hits the Swagger Bomb with a huge clothesline. He gets a two count, then Rusev immediately rolls outside and threatens a walk out finish.

Swagger stalks him and sends him right back in the ring. Swagger slaps on the Patriot Lock and they tease the submission. Rusev suddenly gets out and tries to reverse it to the Accolade but Swagger avoids it.

Rusev hits him with a superkick and then puts on the Accolade. Swagger tries to get out, getting to his knees, but finally has no choice but to tap out.

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