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The following are highlights of a new Geek Exchange interview with Xavier Woods:

Do you have any other geek obsessions, such as comic books, anime or video games? “Yes to all of those. As far as anime, my favorite show is Yu Yu Hakusho. Somebody just put me on to Hunter x Hunter, which was done by the same people, but it came before Yu Yu Hakusho. So I’m really into that right now. As far as comic books, I’ve got a big Omnibus of the backlogged TMNT comics so I’m trying to get through that. I’m also trying to get through the Mega Man and Sonic comic book right now.

For video games, I play everything. I’ve got every system at home. Everything from the NES up till now. My N64′s still hooked up to my TV and it’s right next to my PS4, Xbox One and Wii U. I travel with my PlayStation Vita, too. So if I have 10 minutes to kill, I’m literally spending them playing any type of video game. I’m still playing WWE SuperCard as I’m talking to you right now.”

If you could wrestle against any past WWE Legend, who would you choose? “That would be 2 Cold Scorpio. He’s the man! He’s like the reason I got into wrestling. You would see guys who had very elaborate characters like him. 2 Cold was the dancing guy. But to me, he was the first guy to bring some realism to that because he would dance and move amazingly in the ring. People are usually like, “Yeah, this guy’s a great wrestler but he can’t wrestle” or “This guy’s a great wrestler, but he’s not too entertaining. 2 Cold was the first guy I saw who blurred between both those lines quite well.

So he was just awesome to me because of the way he moved around. He did 450′s and he did a moonsault into a legdrop. That move made my head explode. I can’t do a fourth of the things that he could do, so I have failed myself in that perspective (laughs). I’m just terrified of breaking my neck. He’s definitely a huge inspiration and I’d love to have a match with him.”

Check out the complete interview at GeekExchange.com.

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