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There’s hardly anything in common between the Montreal and Monaco layouts, yet Sebastian Vettel sees Red Bull Racing keeping up the momentum it enjoyed in the Principality thanks to Daniel Ricciardo.

The Circuit Gilles Villeneuve demands engine and braking power to cope with its long straights and slow corners, theoretically putting Ferrari and Mercedes at an advantage.

But the presence of Pirelli’s hypersoft tyre in its selection coupled with the impressive way in which Red Bull’s RB14 handled the rubber’s degradation – not to mention the benefit of a Renault engine upgrade – incites Vettel to view his former team as a contender for another victory on Sunday.

“I think first of all they had a better tyre wear than other people in Monaco and obviously that could help them here,” said the German on Thursday.

“This track is different again and a different layout but I don’t know what they are having or not – and what they have brought for updates and so on.

“I think we need to wait and see, but I expect it to be close just like the other races and hopefully Ferrari (are) in front.”

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Monaco was lambasted by many for its boring spectacle two weeks ago, but Vettel selfishly wouldn’t mind another procession on Sunday if it means the red cars are in front.

“It’s normal that every now and then you have a boring race. Monaco is not the best race to overtake, but it should be different here so let’s see,” adds the four-time world champion who has won only once in Montreal, with Red bull back in 2013.

“If we have a boring race on Sunday, having the cars running one and two, we would still be happy with that, but that’s a long way from now.

“We’ll see (if we can win). So far we’ve had a good car on the straights. We have a very efficient car this year.

“It should help us on this type of track. The tyres will be key, make sure they work and that they last. A couple of key points, but I like the track, I like being here.”

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