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The Italian media is slamming Ferrari for its low-profile stance this week in Barcelona for the first week of pre-season testing.

The Scuderia obviously learned its lesson from last season when CEO Sergio marchionne made some bold claims over the winter about his team’s expected level of performance only for the team to fall quite short of its own rosy outlook.

As a consequence, Ferrari is holding its cards close to its chest this year, much to the media’s fury.

“Low profile is acceptable,” said La Gazzetta dello Sport’s Luigi Perna, “but not complete silence.

“Journalists are like engineers,” he told the Finnish newspaper Iltalehti.

“We should be able to give feedback to the fans, who have the right to hear the drivers.”

Italy’s La Republicca was even more discontented with Ferrari’s hush policy.

“Starting the season with a news blackout is absurd,” the report declared.

“After the sad living nativity scene of the car launch comes this meaningless news blackout. A low profile asked by Marchionne is one thing, but this carelessness is quite another.”

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