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Monday’s Raw following the Royal Rumble easily scored the highest Twitter TV Ratings of 2016 and compared favorably to last year’s post-Rumble Raw.

Raw Social Media Tracking

– January 25: Raw drew a unique Twitter audience of 1.824 million, according to Nielsen’s Twitter TV Ratings, up 44 percent from the Rumble lead-in last week.

Raw’s total impressions were 14.343 million, the most since 18 million the night after Summerslam in August 2015.

The number of unique authors tweeting about Raw jumped 64 percent from last week to 54,000. The number of tweets jumped by the same percentage to 243,000 tweets.

The downside for Monday’s Raw is the show ranked #3 among series & specials on Monday night, trailing a Democratic Party debate and “The Bachelor” on ABC.

If compared to one-off sports programming, Raw would have ranked #5 behind two NBA games, on college basketball game, and the Australian Open tennis tournament.

Comparison of 2016 to 2015 Post-Rumble Raw

2016 Uniques: 1.824 million (2)
2015 Uniques: 1.919 million (1)
2014 Uniques: 1.817 million (3)


2016 Impressions: 14.343 million (1)
2015 Impressions: 11.622 million (3)
2014 Impressions: 11.719 million (2)

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