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WWE Stock Track – Wild Ride Ends Above $20

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WWE’s stock price was all over the place this week. There was an early-week peak, then a big drop on Wednesday, and a surge again on Friday following news of WWE Network expanding to India.

– Monday, October 19: Closing Price of $19.78 per share, up one percent from last Friday’s close of $19.60.

The stock came close to $20 per share, but settled at $19.87.

– Tuesday, October 20: Closing Price of $20.31 per share, up two-and-a-half percent from Monday’s close.

The stock climbed as high as $20.42 per share.

– Wednesday, October 21: Closing Price of $18.95 per share, down 6.7 percent from Tuesday’s close.

The stock started as high as $20.42, but fell as low as $18.90 per share.

– Thursday, October 22: Closing Price of $19.24 per share, up 1.5 percent from Wednesday’s close.┬áThere was not much movement on a low volume day.

Also, WWE declared its standard quarterly dividend of $0.12 per share for both Class A and B stock. The record date is December 15 and payment date is December 28.

– Friday, October 23: Closing Price of $20.82 per share, up eight percent from Thursday’s close.

The stock shot up as high as $21.33 per share, the highest point in two months dating back to August 21.

Updated 2015 Scoresheet

2015 High – $23.63 (Aug. 6)
2015 Low – $9.82 (Jan. 20 – 52-week low)
52-Week Range – $9.82-23.63
Current Market Value – $1.58 billion

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