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While WWE’s SmackDown 1000 viewership and ratings were the highest the show has drawn since April, internally, WWE Officials were said to be disappointed with the numbers. Unlike RAW 25 which generated the highest viewership for RAW in four years, SmackDown 1000 wasn’t even in the top 12 shows this year which is certainly a big reason for the disappointment. The next big show for WWE will be next year when SmackDown celebrates 20 years and also when they debut on The FOX Network.
One of the backstage rumors is that Vince McMahon reportedly loves it when RAW Women’s Champion Ronda Rousey manhandles and judo throws smaller men around so that is why he ends up scripting such spots and will probably continue to do whenever the situation makes sense.
It was previously reported that WWE is airing a “Road To Evolution” special immediately following tonight’s RAW which will basically be a look at the upcoming All-Women’s PPV. According to reports, one of the big reasons why WWE is airing this special is another tactic to try and distract the audience from the happenings related to The Saudi Arabia controversy while doubling its efforts to promote Sunday’s PPV.

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