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Previously on Impact:

Last week on TNA Impact, Ethan Carter III began his road to redemption by defeating Rockstar Spud in a cage match. This was the first in a series of matches that EC3 must win in order to get a rematch with Mike Bennett. Meanwhile, Willow made his return last week and attacked Jeff Hardy. This was most perplexing because Willow is the alter ego of Jeff.

Tonight on Impact:

On tonight’s show, TNA World Champion Drew Galloway puts his title on the line against Bobby Lashley. Also, Jeff continues his mission to unmask Willow and reveal his true identity.

Show Recap:

-Earlier today, we see Drew Galloway entering the Impact Zone with the TNA title. Also earlier today, Bobby Lashley arrives at the Impact Zone. What a coincidence. Lashley and Drew spot each other backstage and get into a brawl.

-In the Impact Zone, Willow makes his way down to the ring. Josh Matthews and The Pope recap Willow’s attack last week.

Willow enters the ring and takes the microphone, his voice is distorted.  He says he is Willow and hear him roar. No, but seriously, he makes an extremely demonic cackle. This brings Jeff to the ring causing the crowd to cheer in ovation. Jeff lets us know that there is only one Willow and he lives inside of him. Jeff speaks like Willow and does the cackling laugh. This leads to a match.

Jeff Hardy vs. Willow

This was a short match and was basically a squash. Jeff dominated Willow and won with the Twist of Fate. After the match, Jeff attempted to take the mask off of Willow when a second Willow attacked Jeff from behind. The two Willows beat down Jeff and pointed at the entrance. A third Willow walked out and Pope said it looked like Jeff. This Willow also spoke with the distorted voice and said he was going to be Jeff’s worst nightmare.

Back from commercial, the two Willows held Jeff as the third Willow addressed him. Willow unmasked to reveal…Maxell Hardy! Just kidding, its Matt Hardy, but he was messed up. This was a different Matt. He spoke with a weird tone and had a streak of blonde hair. It also appeared that his left eye is messed up and appears to be all white. Presumably, the Swanton bomb from the heavens a few weeks ago caused all of this. Matt told Jeff that he scarred him. Matt choked out Jeff in the middle of the ring to end the segment.

-In the back, a tall, beautiful, bubbly blonde approached Velvet Sky. She introduced herself as Allie, Maria’s assistant. She informed Velvet that she has a match with Sienna later. Velvet got in Allie’s face and she backed down. Just then, Allie got a call from Maria who had her assistant tell Velvet that if she lost to Sienna, Velvet will be fired. Allie is better known as Cherry Bomb from the Indies.

-We get a recap of Drew and Lashley brawling earlier in the day. Next, Jeremy Borash interviews TNA President Dixie Carter. She announces that tonight’s title match will be a lumberjack match.

Sienna vs. Velvet Sky w/Velvet’s job on the line

As Velvet makes her way to the ring, Josh reminds us that if Velvet loses she is fired. They’re pushing Sienna as a monster and she dominates the early part of the match. Velvet makes a short comeback and scores several near falls. However, it’s not enough and Sienna hits her finisher to pick up the win. Velvet is fired and is in fact done in TNA.

-Next we get a vignette of Mike Bennett and Maria hanging out by the pool. Maria looked ridiculously hot and The Miracle knows it. He tells Maria to get some sun and then they’ll go over to the Impact Zone to make a miracle happen.

-Back from commercial, Maria is apparently done getting some sun as she introduces The Miracle. He asked if the fans believe in miracles and the crowd chanted “No we don’t”. Miracle discussed EC3’s road to redemption and that if he doesn’t win he won’t get a rematch at Slammiversary. Miracle calls out a future hall of fame because he wants to beat one. He brings out Earl Hebner and challenges him to a match. He provokes Earl to shoving him in the face. Bennett calls out a second referee.

“The Miracle” Mike Bennett w/ “The First Lady of Professional Wrestling” Maria Kanellis vs. “The Referee” Earl Hebner

Mike knocks down Earl and covers him. The referee is hesitant to make the count. Earl kicked out at two and a half to a massive pop from the crowd. Bennett flipped out and got in the referee’s face. Earl gave a low blow to The Miracle. Maria distracted Earl and Miracle knocked him down. Bennett pinned Earl to win the match.

Post match, Miracle continued to attack Earl until EC3 ran out for the save. Miracle distracted EC3 and Tyrus jumped him from behind. Bennett announced that EC3 will face Tyrus in a Last Man Standing match. EC3’s road to redemption continues after the commercial.

Last Man Standing: Ethan Carter III vs. Tyrus

Back from commercial and the match is underway. Tyrus set up a chair in the corner but EC3 countered and sent him shoulder first into the chair. EC3 brings a table in the ring and uses the steel chair on Tyrus. Tyrus barley makes it to his feet at the count of nine. EC3 goes for the one percenter by Tyrus counters and sends EC3 through to steel chairs. EC3 makes it back to his feet before the count of 10. Tyrus set EC3 up on the table and went up for the Vader Bomb. EC3 got back to his feet and power bombed Tyrus through the table. However, Tyrus made back to his feet and continued to beat down EC3. EC3 gives Tyrus the Samoan Drop through a guardrail set up by Tyrus. EC3 placed the steel steps on top of Tyrus. Tyrus is unable to answer the count of 10 and EC3 wins the match.

Like last week, The Miracle came out after the match but unlike last week was not clapping.

– Next we get a video package of Bobby Lashley training in the gym.

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– We get a recap of Willow/Matt’s attack on Jeff earlier. In the back, Jeff is irate over the attack. He challenges Matt to a match at Slammiversary.

Eddie Edwards and DJ Z vs. The Helms Dynasty (X Division Champion Trevor Lee & Andrew Everett w/ Gregory Shane Helms)

This is a fast paced match with lots of high impact moves. DJ Z chases Everett around ringside and runs right into a sick boot from Lee. The heels take over on Z and isolate him in their side of the ring. Eddie gets the hot tag and runs wild on the heels. Z tags himself in and hits an insane suicide dive threw the turnbuckles on an angle. Eddie hits a dive onto Lee and DJ Z connects with a DDT on Everett to win the match.

-We get a recap of Velvet losing in her last match in TNA to Sienna. In the back, Velvet cuts an emotional promo and fights back the tears. She says goodbye to TNA, her friends and the fans. As noted earlier, Velvet is in fact finished with TNA.

-Another video package this time on Drew Galloway training.

Facts of Life with Eli Drake w/King of the Mountain Champion Bram

It’s time for Facts of Life with Eli Drake. It’s also time for one of the most annoying gimmicks in wrestling. Every time Eli says, “dummy” he presses a button and a graphic pops up of Eli saying, “Dummy, yeah.” I blame Mr. Anderson for fact that his segment now exists. Eli does his own introduction using his “announcer” voice. Eli has his Feast or Fired KOTM title shot briefcase with him. Eli brings out KOTM champion Bram. Eli wants Bram to simply hand over the KOTM title but Bram refuses. Eli teases cashing in his title shot but instead he leaves. They brawl briefly until Eli escapes.

-In the back, EC3 cuts a very brief promo. He wants Mike Bennett and his rematch. EC3 only said about five to seven lines, but it was still far better then the previous segment.

-Still in the back, EC3 confronts The Miracle and Maria. EC3 demands his match with Bennett. The Miracle refuses and lets EC3 know he’s not done on his road to redemption. Next week, EC3 must defeat Matt Hardy and maybe if he’s victorious he’ll get his rematch with Bennett.

Lumberjack Match: TNA World Champion Drew Galloway vs. “The Destroyer” Bobby Lashley

Members of the TNA roster surround the ring for the lumberjack match. They trade moves to start the match. Lashley sends Galloway to the floor on the heel side of the ring.

Back from commercial, Lashley is in control of the match and sends Drew back outside to the heel side of the ring. The heels tease beating Drew, but they send him back in the ring. Lashley dominated Drew, but Galloway got back to his feet and made a comeback. Galloway goes for the Future Shock DDT but Lashley got out of it. Drew used the Celtic Cross and set up for the Claymore kick when the heel lumberjacks pulled Drew out of the ring resulting in the end of the match.

Post match, all hell broke loose with all the entire roster brawling at ringside. DJ Z and Trevor Lee both hit dives onto the lumberjacks. In a sick spot, Eddie gave a super plex to Andrew Everett from the top rope to the outside on all the lumberjacks.

In the ring, a bunch of guys hit moves. Bram knocked out Lashley and Eli knocked out Bram. Jeff took out Eli and set up for the Swanton. Matt ran out and brawled with Jeff to the back. Bennett took out Eli. EC3 starred down Bennett who backed off. Lashley then speared EC3 and Galloway caught Lashley with the Claymore. Drew then hit a dive to the outside on everyone to end the show.

Next Time on Impact:

EC3’s road to redemption continues as he battles Matt Hardy. Also, Grado returns to go one-on-one with Al Snow. Plus, next week the Ultimate X match returns.

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