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The latest Pro Wrestling Illustrated Podcast features a lengthy interview with ROH tag team champ Kazarian. In it, Kazarian talks about working an upcoming tag team match with all three of his groomsmen, whether WWE has a stigma toward ex-TNA talent, what modern wrestlers could learn from the Ultimate Warrior, and more.

The PWI Podcast is available for download on iTunes or can be streamed at

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In this highlight, Kazarian recalls the time in 2009 when Dixie Carter held a meeting with the entire roster to tell them they needed to “step up,” then decided to air the meeting on television.

“That was just one of many of those types of meetings we had. I remember them making decisions to show that on TV, to give fans a glimpse into the reality that goes on. And I remember everybody—just everybody—thinking that was a rotten idea, except the people who produce the television show . . . That wasn’t the first time we were told that. We were told that by her. We were told that by Vince Russo. We were told that the reason our house shows don’t draw is because none of us are names–that we’re not draws . . . Well, we’re not names because, a lot of times, you’re writing really, really terrible stuff.

“And you’re doing really stupid things to guys like AJ Styles and Samoa Joe, who have the potential to be huge names, but are a little bit handcuffed. So, yeah, a lot of the blame was always put on the wrestlers. And we were left shaking our heads, like, ‘Is it our fault?’ We didn’t think so. There was always that call to arms to step up. And, for the most part, it was never the wrestlers that needed to step up.’

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