WWE house show report 5-3-15 St. John, New Brunswick: Seth Rollins vs. Roman Reigns

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By Drew McConnell

They were very vocal and enthusiastic all night, which made for a fun atmosphere. Lots of kids as you’d expect, but plenty of adults as well.

– Fandango and the Lucha Dragons beat Adam Rose and the Matadors. Match was fun, with the Dragons getting a chance to shine with their flashy offence. Fandango got the clean pin after the top rope leg drop.

– R-Truth beat Stardust. Stardust had some fun messing around with Mrs Dust (Eden) before the match. Crowd loved chanting “Cody” at Stardust, and he had a blast shooting back at them. R-Truth was really over with this crowd, although he didn’t say the obligatory “What’s up !?” I presume he had no idea where he was. Truth won with some awkward move.

– Natalya & Emma beat Cameron & Summer Rae. This was the fan vote match of the afternoon – the choices were either a singles match or a tag, and of course the people chose tag by an 87-13 score. Match was your typical divas match, but nothing too offensive to the senses. Nattie won for her team when she made Summer submit to the Sharpshooter. She got a big pop, as you’d expect in Canada.

– Dolph Ziggler beat Sheamus – Street Fight. Match of the night. These guys both worked their asses off and had an excellent street fight which earned them the “this is awesome!” chants multiple times. They did more than I expected for a house show street fight. They used the kendo stick, chairs and even broke two tables. The first table spot was Sheamus nailing Ziggler with a white noise through a table set up in the corner. The second was Ziggler hitting a fame-asser on Sheamus, driving him through a table that had a couple of chairs set upon it, as he countered a powerbomb. The finish had Sheamus kicking out of the aforementioned table spot, missing a brogue kick, getting thrown headfirst into a chair wedged in the corner, hit with a superkick, and then a zig zag for the pin. Again, an excellent match.


– Zack Ryder beat Curtis Axel. Axel did his Hulkamania bit before the match, and it was entertaining as usual. Not much of a match, Ryder won with the Rough-Rider.

– Kane beat Jack Swagger. Swagger got a good reaction coming out, but then Kane came out and got one of the biggest pops of the night, and it’s 2015. As soon as the match started, Kane was the babyface to this crowd. They loved everything he did and went crazy every time he teased a chokeslam. The crowd turned on Swagger and he got mega heat down the stretch. The finish had Kane shoving the ref out of the corner, giving him time to poke Swagger in the eye and hit the chokeslam for the win. Even with the obvious heel finish, Kane was still cheered.

– Roman Reigns beat WWE Champion Seth Rollins via DQ in a WWE Title match. Crowd was roughly 80% in favour of Reigns, though perhaps it was more, as there were a large group of Reigns detractors behind us. Rollins had his fans as well, but Reigns was the monster babyface for the most part. They had a good match, with Rollins doing a lot of stalling early on. Rollins took most of the match and they kept teasing a Reigns comeback.

Just as Reigns was about to, Kane came out and jumped on the apron. He grabbed Reigns by the throat, but was accidentally knocked off by Rollins. Reigns then shoved Rollins out of the way and superman punched Kane. Reigns nailed Rollins with a superman punch and a spear and had the match won until Kane jumped in and broke up the pin causing the disqualification. Afterwards, Kane and Rollins proceeded to double team Reigns, attempting a spike tombstone piledriver. However, Reigns fought back and hit both men with superman punches and spears to send the crowd home happy.

Overall, a fun show from start to finish. The crowd was hot all afternoon and was receptive to everything. Hopefully it’s not another five years before they come back to this neck of the woods!

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