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It was previously reported that after Royal Rumble went off air, Ronda Rousey came back out to greet fans. It was also reported that Rousey made her debut by interrupting a post-Rumble segment with winner Asuka, SmackDown Women’s Champion Charlotte Flair and RAW Women’s Champion Alexa Bliss. Rousey pointed at the WrestleMania 34 sign, took a look at both titles and tried to shake Asuka’s hand but Asuka slapped it away. Rousey also shook Stephanie McMahon’s hand at ringside to squash their storyline beef. After Ronda came back out to greet the fans she was interviewed.
During the interview, Ronda said that she really doesn’t know how to process everything but this is not something she does every day and this is something very different from fighting. Ronda also said that it was a real pleasure being able to soak everything up and that she is very aware of how lucky she is. Ronda then says that coming to WWE has been her dream since before she could talk. She talks about asking late WWE Hall of Famer Roddy Piper if she could use the “Rowdy” nickname when she got into MMA. Ronda also says that no matter what else she did in life, pro wrestling kept following her around and it was time to take a hint from the WWE Universe.
Ronda also reveals that the leather jacket she wore at the Rumble was brought to her by Piper’s son Colt, who flew the jacket in from Las Vegas to Philadelphia. Ronda also says that she wants people to remember Piper every time she’s out there and says that she wouldn’t be here or had her run in UFC if it weren’t for Piper. Ronda also says that Piper taught her so much from afar and showed her that she can also touch people from afar. Ronda then says that she is a better person because Piper lived.

Regarding the first-ever women’s Royal Rumble match, Ronda says that she was thinking about how a women’s Rumble would have been laughed at before and how she has been laughed out of gyms in the past. Ronda also says that women have been brushed aside in combat sports for so long but to see everyone give a standing ovation to the women’s Rumble was big, and how fans were really invested in the match, and how it was well-accepted by the fans, not forced on them. Ronda then says that she didn’t even know about women’s wrestlers when she was a kid but she wants to make sure there’s not another generation that doesn’t know about women’s wrestlers when they’re little.
When asked about pointing to the WrestleMania 34 sign, Ronda says that she thinks it’s a big fat hint that she’s going to be there in New Orleans at the big event.
Below is the video from her interview after the show:


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