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It appears that a major match scheduled for Wrestlemania has officially been scrapped by the company. One of the matches rumored for Wrestlemania 34, involving Shane McMahon, was apparently cancelled by Vince McMahon, which may have been confirmed by his most recent Smackdown appearance. Vince returned on this Tuesday’s show to announce that his son would be taking on Kevin Owens in a Hell in a Cell match at the pay-per-view of the same name. Vince also recently scrapped the Horsewomen vs. Horsewomen angle originally planned for the end of the Mae Young Classic tournament, so the angle with Kevin Owens was done to end the show in a memorable way.
Sportskeeda’s Dirty Sheets are now claiming that the angle would’ve likely kickstarted a huge story going into Wrestlemania 34 in New Orleans. Vince was originally set to offer Kevin Owens a chance to face Shane McMahon with latter’s shares in the company on the line. During their Hell in a Cell match, Owens would win with the assistance of a returning Triple H. Kevin Owens would then surrender his shares on Smackdown the next night, thus allowing Triple H to replace Shane as Smackdown Commissioner. This angle would continue all the way up to a Wrestlemania match between Shane and Triple H. No word on why this idea was nixed, but the match between Owens and Shane is still on for Hell in a Cell.
One of the more unique performers in the Mae Young Classic tournament was CMLL star Princesa Sugehit. Her colorful appearance and mask made her stand out from the other 31 women in the tournament. Unfortunately, her mask is no longer part of her. She lost a mask vs. mask match in to Zeuxis at CMLL’s 84th anniversary show. She then removed her mask and revealed her face to the viewers watching the show. Sugehit is now the first woman ever to be unmasked during a CMLL anniversary show. You can now view some photos of Princesa Sugehit without her signature mask on down below.

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