WWE’s Attempt to Trademark The Hardy Boyz Rejected, For Now

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The WWE has been rejected in its effort to trademark the Hardy’s names and property likeness by the US Patent and Trademark Office.  Both Matt Hardy and Jeff Hardy were rejected by the office after documents were submitted but lacked either Hardy’s signature of consent for either name. It is reported that the WWE responded with the Hardy’s signed consent.
Also, Matt Hardy was rejected because of the ongoing dispute with Global Force Wrestling over who owns the right to the name “Broken” Matt Hardy. Hardy himself has filed for his own copyright on the name and until that application is processed, the WWE’s claim can not be processed.
The term “The Hardy Boyz” seems to be going forward and will be published for public opposition, meaning someone else could file a dispute about the name as well.

In an interesting bit of irony, the WWE itself was nearly sued in recent months when they used the Great Balls of Fire name without permission from Jerry Lee Lewis, to the point where Lewis was attempting to file suit, but a deal was reached where they not only got permission to use the name but the song as well.


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