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WWE NXT Results – July 19th, 2017

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  Alright, we’re back with another round of results from the latest edition of NXT. This week’s show featured some good matches, but more importantly, it kicked off the buildup to NXT Takeover: Brooklyn III. We still have a while to go before the big show arrives next month, but we already know what the main event of the live special will be. The spot to face Bobby Roode was on the line in a match between Drew McIntyre and SAnitY’s Killian Dain, but more on that later. Let’s get into the results.
Ember Moon vs. Ruby Riot –
  This match was actually pretty even for the most part. Ruby and Ember are both being positioned as worthy challengers to the title, so it made sense for the loser here to not come out looking like a complete buffoon. They both went back and fourth with some strikes and kicks as the Full Sail crowd enthusiastically chanted “Women’s Wrestling!” Stupid crowd. Anyway, Ruby actually worked over Moon for most of the middle portions of the match. Eventually though, Moon got the better of her thanks to one particularly devastating punch. She went up top and hit the Eclipse for the win. Not much else to it than that, though I wonder if they’re setting Ember up for something bigger down the road…

Winner: Ember Moon
  Kassius Ohno was backstage speaking with some interviewers about… something. Hideo Itami barged in and was furious when he received news that he will be facing Ohno next week. Kassius said that he was going to take matter into his own hands after the way Itami’s been acting lately, which led to Hideo angrily kicking a trash can and storming out.
  Performance Center standouts The Street Profits will be debuting on the show soon. I believe that this makes them the third tag team on NXT right now.
Oney Lorcan vs. Danny Burch –

  If you remember Danny Burch from the UK tournament (or some of the NXT shows that he has been on since then), then you know exactly what he’s capable of. Oney Lorcan is obviously known as a tough brawler who will mess you up. So this match basically delivered on what it promised: two hard-hitting and brutal fighters just absolutely mauling each other.
  Again, this also started out pretty evenly matched. The first big move came when Buch hit a Tower of London from the top of one of the posts. Lorcan later retaliated by hitting a European Uppecut to Burch as he was lying down on the floor, this caused Burch’s nose to burst open with blood. They traded slaps and punches before Burch clotheslined Oney and powerbombed him for a near fall. Lorcan eventually decided to apply a single leg crab which got him the submission victory.
  As Lorcan’s music played, he held out his hand for a handshake. Burch accepted his offer, but later pulled Lorcan back as he was trying to leave. He was audibly asking Lorcan for one more match. The crowd was very much into this idea and I can’t say that I blame them. Lorcan seemingly accepted before leaving the arena. If their rematch is anything like this, it will definitely be slobberknocker, so to speak.

Winner: Oney Lorcan
No Way Jose vs. Cezar Bononi –
  Before this match began, we were shown a video reminding us that Bononi actually picked up a win over Andrade “Cien” Almas just a few months back. Well Almas is certainly one tough opponent, but Bononi, like so many others before him, was not prepared for the challenge that lied in front of him. The name of that challenge: No Way Jose.
  Repeatedly during this match, Bononi hit a few basic strikes and punches that the commentators would refer to as “Muay ThaI punches.” Aside from that, there wasn’t much to write home about with this match. Jose cleaned his clock for a few minutes before winning with a pop-up punch and heading towards the back.
  Suddenly, Andrade “Cien” Almas and his unnamed mystery lady (Thea Trinidad) randomly showed up at ringside. Almas beat down Bononi very quickly. Almas pointed to Jose while the latter was watching on the stage. Jose finally charged after Almas, but Andrade left the ring and headed towards the back before Jose could get his big revenge.
Winner: No Way Jose
Drew McIntyre vs. Killian Dain –
  This was a match against two individuals who are (or were) undefeated in singles competition on NXT. The winner here was going to go on to face Bobby Roode for the NXT Championship in the main event of NXT Takeover: Brooklyn III. The match began with a lockup that eventually devolved into a series of punches between both men. McIntyre delieved a forearm from the middle of one of the posts. From this point forward, a great deal of the match was focused on making Killain Dain look unstoppable. Dain concentrated all of his efforts on to smashing and trying to press down on McIntyre.
  These presses and holds did get Dain a couple of near falls, and they were actually some pretty close near falls at that. As Dain positions McIntyre on one of the posts for some sort of maneuver, McIntyre shoves him and begins to gain back some momentum. He jumps off the post, runs around until he gives Dain a clothesline that sends himself to the floor, but he kips back up immediately afterwards. With the crowd behind him now, McIntyre goes for his Claymore Kick finisher, but Dain managed to reverse it. At first McIntyre was just simply unable to connect any of his big moves on Dain.
  Next, Dain got Drew up for a Fireman’s Carry and he slammed him down to the floor. Then he headed up towards the middle turnbuckle and hit a Vader Bomb on McIntyre for a two count. He tried to hit the Ulster Plantation but Drew fought out of it and tried to hit the Future Shock DDT. Again, Drew wasn’t able to hit it and he nearly got pinned by Dain. After Killian hit Drew with a Fisherman’s Superplex from the top of one of the posts, Dain got another very close near fall out of it. Finally, Drew hit the DDT which caused Dain to kick out at one. This shocked the announcers tremendously. McIntyre then hit a Claymore kick for another one count. Drew just decided to, you guessed it, hit another big finishing move. After hitting a second Claymore Kick, he finally managed to slay the beast.
Winner: Drew McIntyre
  That’s right! Your main event at NXT Takeover: Brooklyn III is now going to be Drew McIntyre challenging Bobby Roode for the NXT Championship. The match definitely succeeded in making Dain look like a nearly unstoppable killing machine, so whatever he does next will probably be something important. Next week we know that Hideo Itami and Kassius Ohno will finally have their big one-on-one matchup. Who will be victorious? Come on back here next week and I’ll tell ya, k? I’ll see you NXT time!

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