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The “Fighting With My Family” movie based on Paige’s wrestling family will be filming after tonight’s RAW at the Staples Center in Los Angeles goes off the air. As noted, WWE Studios and The Rock’s Seven Bucks Productions are partnering for the movie.

Rock has been busy working on the movie this past week, as seen below. Rock and Florence Pugh, the actress who will play the character based on Paige, were at the Staples Center earlier doing work. He also posted a photo of Thea Trinidad, who plays the Divas Champion in the movie, in the ring with indie wrestler Tessa Blanchard, who is apparently doing stunts/ring work for Florence Pugh, the actress playing Paige.

With the movie filming tonight after RAW, The Rock is rumored to be appearing. Below are some of this recent posts on the movie:

Thank ya bud. Everyone’s working hard. Especially the actors learning to wrestle. Hard stuff but they’re doing great. #FightingWithMyFamily
— Dwayne Johnson (@TheRock) February 19, 2017

I reunite with this cream puff today. We shoot our scenes in a couple of hours. He’s been fantastic in the role. #FightingWithMyFamily
— Dwayne Johnson (@TheRock) February 19, 2017


Very cool to watch our amazing/bad ass @florencepugh embody the role of real life WWE Superstar Paige. We shot some great scenes together today that reflected my real life pivotal conversations I had with Paige. Very interesting to relive and shoot those moments. I appreciate our entire crew and actors working tirelessly on a Sunday. THANK YOU! The 6’7 stud standing with us, is our director/writer @stephenmerchant. Brilliant filmmaker and loved worldwide. I still think he’s an asshole. We’re bringing our production to rock the Staples Center tomorrow night for RAW. #OnSet #ClockinThoseLongSundayHours #FightingWithMyFamily
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Big night tonight for our hard working @Florence_Pugh. Once @WWE RAW goes off the air we shoot her big scene. #FightingWithMyFamily
— Dwayne Johnson (@TheRock) February 20, 2017


Puttin’ in that ring work w/ @theatrinidadtmt (our Divas Champion) and @tessa_blanchard (our bad ass ring/stunt double) for their big match tonight at the Staples Center here in LA once RAW goes off the air. For those insiders who know the wrestling business, you know how hard these two independent female wrestlers work. For those who are are new to the wrestling world when you see our movie, just know you’re watching some very unique and special athletes achieve greatness in a male dominated world. Respect is given when it’s earned. Tonight, they earn it. Get ready WWE Universe and RAW crowd. It’s your night too. #FightingWithMyFamily #SquaredCircleDNA #BloodSweatRespect #StaplesCenter #LA #RAW
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