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During an interview with Sports Illustrated, former UFC champion Daniel Cormier spoke about whether or not a role with WWE is in his career plans now that he’s retired from the Octagon.

“We’ve been talking,” Cormier told Sports Illustrated. “We’ve spoken to some of the people over there in very, very early conversations. WWE is a company I’ve watched and loved my entire life.”

“Put me at the commentary table,” Cormier said about a potential role with WWE. “Let me call the matches for six months and tell you how great these wrestlers are in the ring. I would love that, and I wouldn’t be faking it. WWE is something I’ve loved my entire life.”

“Then, after those six months, what if I’m sitting next to Michael Cole, and Roman [Reigns] comes over and smacks the microphone out of my hand?” Cormier said. “But I’m an announcer. Will I hit him back? Then you’re asking if this will happen or not. That’s what I want, that slow build, the type of story you want to see, and your heart feels like it’s going to explode while you’re waiting for it. Give me the slow build, let it simmer.”

In the final fight of his MMA career, Cormier completed his trilogy against Stipe Miocic by losing via unanimous decision at UFC 252 last month. Prior to the fight, Cormier spoke about his post-retirement options:

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When you start thinking about retirement as a whole, it’s like easy for me, especially with the job that I have to look to what’s next. I just got an offer from ESPN to work full time, not for the UFC, but for ESPN the company. I haven’t signed it yet, but we got an offer. I’ve got a ton of interest from the WWE and a lot of other things outside of mixed martial arts in the broadcast field. So that makes it very easy to look for what’s next. I try to stay in the moment, focus on what I’m doing right now. Obviously, it’s there, but I want to try to not look forward to what comes next, because what comes next for me is not like most people. I’ve got a good job and a good future.

“I’m a fan of the product, I have a tremendous amount of respect for it,” Cormier said about pro wrestling during his interview with Sports Illustrated. “So that’s where I’m at, trying to figure out where my life is after competition.”

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