Mustafa Ali revealed as apparent RETRIBUTION leader on WWE Raw

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The leader of RETRIBUTION appears to have been revealed on tonight’s episode of Raw.

Mustafa Ali aligned with RETRIBUTION on Raw tonight, with it being indicated that he’s the leader of the group. Ali faced MVP on Raw tonight and MVP’s Hurt Business stablemates Bobby Lashley and Shelton Benjamin entered the ring during the match. As they cornered Ali, the lights started to flicker.

RETRIBUTION then appeared and surrounded the ring. Ali acted like he was going to fight alongside The Hurt Business. He left the ring and went face-to-face with T-Bar (Dominik Dijakovic) and Mace (Dio Maddin), but Ali then turned around, smiled at MVP, Lashley, and Benjamin, and ordered RETRIBUTION to attack.

After The Hurt Business were laid out, Ali stood in the ring and nodded at RETRIBUTION. They joined him in the ring and Ali then posed with RETRIBUTION standing behind him.

Samoa Joe wondered on commentary how long Ali has been part of this. Byron Saxton said it looks like Ali is running RETRIBUTION.

Ali, Apollo Crews & Ricochet defeated MVP, Lashley & Benjamin in a six-man tag match on Raw last week. Tonight, Lashley & Benjamin defeated Crews & Ricochet in a tag match. Ali confronted MVP, Lashley, and Benjamin backstage after. The Hurt Business thought Ali was crazy for confronting them alone. Ali said he’d be alone out there for his match against MVP too, but he didn’t want MVP to be alone. He told MVP to bring Lashley and Benjamin with him and said he’d take care of them when he’s done with MVP.

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