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This story was updated at 2 PM Eastern.

Heath Miller suffered a hernia injury at Saturday’s Call Your Shot gauntlet battle royal at Bound For Glory which resulted in Impact Wrestling having to call an in-match audible.

PWInsider first reported that Miller, the former Heath Slater in WWE, was supposed to earn an Impact contract and a title shot of his choosing after eliminating Sami Callihan, but due to the hernia injury, Rhino won instead. Going into the match, the storyline was that if Rhino or Miller didn’t win, both would be fired. 

Miller tweeted an apology with an image of him in the hospital Saturday.

Just before Callihan entered as number 19, Miller was kicked in the gut by Brian Myers. After eliminating him, he got hit in the midsection by other wrestlers and started showing signs of being hurt, touching his lower left abdomen and laying on the mat while talking to referees. None of the offense he took looked stiff or out of sorts.

He eventually made his way to his feet after several minutes but was fairly immobile. Clearly moving slowly and in pain, he did take a few punches and superkick from James Storm before being eliminated by Callihan.

Miller signed with Impact this summer after being released as part of the April WWE pandemic cuts.

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