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Welcome, boys and girls, to another episode of the Lawcast! This is part 2 of our Thanksgiving spectacular and this time around we’re looking at the very first time Raw and Smackdown clashed for brand supremacy in a truly fun series of invasions that set the template for this kind of thing in WWE.

But that’s not all! We also have to try our best to come to grips with the death of Eddie Guerrero, chronicle WWE’s wild swings and misses with their booking of John Cena, and marvel at the world that Trish Stratus created. This is a weird show from a weird time, but i’ll be damned if I didn’t actually like this one.

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Also, we have finally found a way to meet the request that we get the most often, and we finally now have a full archive for the Lawcast where you can go and listen to us talk about Sid for nearly 100 episodes. In the future we’ll have playlists up there to make it easier to navigate, but for now we’ve got the whole deal there for the taking. Enjoy!

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