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WWE superstar Kevin Owens sat down with Sports Illustrated to talk about his upcoming SummerSlam showdown with Shane McMahon. Owens discusses how different the stakes are this time, but how his story with Shane feels as if its come full circle. He also touches on missing WrestleMania, and how much he would have enjoyed sharing the ring with Steve Austin at Raw Reunion. Highlights are below.

The SmackDown promo he cut on Shane:

I actually cut that promo a week before to somebody in the locker room, and it got people talking enough that it ended up on TV the next week. It all came from gut instinct. I’ll always be a fan. I know what I like watching, and I think I have a pretty good finger on the pulse of the audience today, and it all came from that.

Wanting a segment with Steve Austin at Raw Reunion:

Who am I to say I wouldn’t? That would have been great to be in the ring with him and have that experience. I know a lot of people were hoping for it, but the truth is I was at the SmackDown Live live event that night, and that’s always where I was supposed to be. Steve did an interview after and said that’s not what he felt would have been the right move anyway, and I see his point and agree with him, but it would have been a thrill for me as the huge fan of his that I’ve always been. To share the ring with Steve would have been an honor.

How his feud with Shane has come full circle:

This week’s SmackDown Live was in the same building [in Detroit] where Shane and I had the Hell in a Cell match, so it’s all coming full circle. The dynamic is different than it was in 2017, but I also feel there is a lot more at stake now because of the stipulation. If I can’t beat him, I have to quit. And the fact that we’re in Toronto for SummerSlam, and I have a feeling the crowd is going to be pretty wild, should make for a very interesting night.

Missing WrestleMania 35:

Missing WrestleMania was such a blow. I don’t think anybody can fault me for saying that. Anybody who misses WrestleMania and isn’t bothered by it probably needs to look at their priorities. I don’t want to be so arrogant to say it was probably worse for me than it would have been for anybody else, but it was probably worse for me than it would be for anyone else. I’m really obsessed with this. It’s borderline not healthy. WrestleMania is this thing that I get to share with my family, and this year we didn’t get that moment. And not being on WrestleMania just sucks. But what’s done is done, and it happened for reasons that were beyond my control. I would say it’s fine, but it’s not fine. It’s not fine with me. No one did anything wrong, but it didn’t sit well with me. I’m doing everything I can to never be left off any show that I feel I should be on ever again. That’s the attitude I’m going to take. If missing WrestleMania has taught me anything, it’s that I will survive—and I did survive.

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