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WWE Hall Of Famer “Mean” Gene Okerlund recently appeared as a guest on CBS Sports’ In This Corner podcast to talk about his new Mountain Dew commercial with Kevin Hart and more. Featured below are some of the highlights from the interview.

On his new Mountain Dew commercial with actor / comedian Kevin Hart: “Well it takes me back just about 30 years ago. I’ve been in this game for quite a while, matter of fact, [it’s] my 47th year. Mountain Dew’s Kickstart commercial and the opportunity to work with Kevin Hart, I knew it was gonna be a treat. And we had so much fun and time on the set, that we go to do back and forth banter that I found very entertaining. I knew this was coming because our good friend, The Rock, Dwayne Johnson, told me all about Kevin Hart and I was really looking forward to it. Everything that I expected.”

On whether or not Kevin Hart has the wrestling foundation as a fan: “I think he does. Very much, and candidly, he’s not afraid to let his hair down like, well let’s just say for instance, the ‘Macho Man’ Randy Savage, or a Ric Flair, or a Hulk Hogan, or a ‘Rowdy’ Roddy Piper. Guys that you and I know very well from the past, they’re legends. And, all of a sudden, here comes Kevin Hart to the table, along with all he is doing in entertainment today, and working with the guy, for me, was a real, real pleasure.”

Also during the interview, Okerlund was asked outright whether or not he believes Hulk Hogan will ever return to WWE, to which he replied, “Yes.”

Check out the complete episode of the In This Corner podcast featuring the “Mean” Gene Okerlund interview at CBSSports.com.

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