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WWE Hall Of Famer Jim Ross recently updated the blog at his official website, JRsBarBQ.com, with his thoughts on Bayley and Scott Dawson’s injuries, a potential regular WWE U.K. television series, the upcoming NJPW G1 tournament on AXS TV and more. Below are some of the highlights.

On Bayley and Scott Dawson’s injuries: “Never a good time for injures in any endeavor but it looks as if both Bayley and Scott Dawson of Revival will miss SummerSlam with injuries. There’s no good time to be injured but the key ingredient is how does one strategize and execute coming back better than when they were before they were injured? Mental preparation for one’s craft doesn’t have to stop because of a ruptured bicep or separated shoulder. Bayley is as good as there is in the women’s division in WWE while The Revival boys are one of my favorite tag teams to come along in years and remind me so much of Jim Cornette’s famed, Midnight Express teams.”

On a WWE U.K. television series: “I get asked often about the WWE U.K. TV Show that has been discussed sporadically over the past several months and I don’t have an update except to say that the idea is still alive and well. I hope to be included with Nigel McGuiness on the broadcast team if and when it happens.”

On the NJPW G1 tournament on AXS TV: “Voiced over 11 bouts with @JoshLBarnett in this year’s G1 Tournament this past Friday with more VO’s coming at the end of the month back in the @AXSTV studios in Los Angeles. Fundamentally strong in ring action was prevalent for this popular tournament that is an annual affair in NJPW. AXSTV wants an athletic, TV presentation as best as Josh and I can do it and that’s what we do our best to provide. Our style on this show is intentionally different than virtually any other pro wrestling TV show that currently airs. We don’t have live events, PPV’s, merch, etc to promote. Our show has to sound different, right?”

Check out the complete J.R. blog at JRsBarBQ.com. Also, don’t forget to check out J.R.’s weekly “Ross Report” podcast at PodcastOne.com, and to follow J.R. on Twitter @JRsBBQ.

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