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Thanks to rajah.com reader Noah Riegel for sending this in:

Decent crowd, WWE rarely comes to south Florida any more.
Opening match tag team fatal four way for titles
Usos vs American alpha vs breezango vs colons
Good opener, couple comedy spots, Jason Jordan came off well with a hot tag
but usos go over after they pin gable.

Tye Dillinger vs Simon gotch
Gotch created great heat with his singing, back and forth action with tye
going over after his finisher

Ascension vs sin cara and mojo rawley
Boring match, mojo tried to hype the crowd and eventual pinned Conner for the

Eric Rowan vs Luke Harper
Another boring match with Harper going over. Not sure what happened but right
after match Harper stormed to the back as if he was mad about something.

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Shinsuke vs dolph
Shinsuke is mega over, his shirts selling like crazy. Match started slow,
last few minutes were exciting with shinsuke going over. After he posed for
pictures with crowd.

Fatal 5 way for women’s title.
Naomi vs Natalya vs Tamina vs Becky lynch vs Carmella
Short and fast paced match with Naomi going over with rear view on Natalya.

Sami zayn vs baron corbin.
Shorter version of there ppv match with Corbin winning with the end of days

Main even was tag match
Jinder and KO vs aj styles and orton
Aj was over huge. Jinder tried to generate heat. It crowd didn’t care. KO was
also over and very entertaining. Finish saw aj hit jinder with the phenomenal
forearm and orton pin KO after RKO. After they posed and shook hands with the

Over all the show was ok.
I’ve been to a few house shows and this was proabably the worst.
Crowd was very dissapointed there was no New Day.
The mojo match could have been skipped.
Lots of Cena, Shinsuke, and AJ merchandise being sold.
Strange there was nothing for Tye, Sami, or KO.

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