CM Punk: Gall Fight At UFC 203 Doesn't Need To Be "P*ssing Contest"

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As noted, CM Punk took part in a media conference call with his opponent Mickey Gall on Thursday to promote their fight on the PPV card at UFC 203 later this month. As it has been since the fight was first announced, both guys were respectful of each other while promoting their upcoming showdown.

Regarding the fact that he might not be as colorful a character during the build-up to his Octagon debut that some fans may have expected, Punk pointed out that those are his fans are already cheering for him and those who weren’t are already rooting against him.

“I don’t see the need for it,” said Punk. “You know? People either love me or hate me already.”

Punk continued, “I’m not trying to talk anybody into the building on this one. I think the allure is just the fact that it’s happening. You know what I mean? And the story writes itself, so it’s not a fabricated thing where I need to, kind of create some drama between me and Mickey.”

As he wrapped up on the topic, he got down to the core of the issue — at the end of the day he’s going to step into the Octagon on September 10th and fight a trained MMA veteran selected by the UFC while his fans and detractors alike tune in live to see it.

“We’re going to fight. That’s the beauty of it,” said Punk. “You know? It doesn’t need to be a weird verbal p*ssing contest. I think some of these guys, while it is entertainment and it’s the sh*t-talk business, I just don’t see it.”

Punk concluded, “I don’t see it happening this time.”

Headlined by Stipe Miocic vs. Alistair Overeem for the UFC Heavyweight Championship in a striking fans dream matchup, which will be Miocic’s first defense of the title, and featuring the Punk-Gall contest, UFC 203 takes place from the Quicken Loans Arena in Cleveland, Ohio on Saturday, September 10, 2016.

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