Joey Styles On Why Vince Keeps Pushing Reigns As A Face: 'Moms & Kids Like Him'

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Longtime wrestling personality Joey Styles recently took part in a Facebook Q&A with Cathy Kelley. During the interview, Kelley brings up the topic of controversial WWE star Roman Reigns. WWE continues to push Reigns as a babyface despite audible boos on television most of the time he comes out, and Kelley asked Styles for his take on why the company still books him as a face.

Styles says it all comes down to WWE Chairman Vince McMahon’s vision.

“The bottom line is if our Chairman thinks he sees a future star as a babyface, that’s how things are going to play out,” Styles said.

The former ECW announcer credits McMahon with having a good track record, and he has faith in the second-generation wrestling promoter’s instincts.

“Vince thinks it can work,” Styles continued, “He’s been right much, much, much more than he’s been wrong over the last 40 years. I’m sorry, but I’m not gonna second-guess the chairman.”

Styles feels that part of the reason why Vince continues pushing Reigns as a face despite the audible boos, is that Reigns does in fact have a fan base.

“Moms are the ones who bring kids to shows. Kids like Roman Reigns. Moms like Roman Reigns. That’s the reason,” Styles theorized. “Just because some people boo him doesn’t mean everyone doesn’t like him.”

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