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On Monday afternoon, WWE Hall Of Famer Jim Ross updated his official blog at JRsBarBQ.com with his thoughts on Sunday night’s WWE Extreme Rules pay-per-view, the Cody Rhodes and Adam Rose situations and more. Below are some of the highlights.

On WWE Extreme Rules 2016:

“Enjoyed WWE’s Extreme Rules wrestling show Sunday night as it featured multiple, strong matches. I especially loved the Fatal Four Way Intercontinental Title bout and the WWE Title bout a great deal. They were two of the better WWE matches of the year.

“I am still of the mindset that going forward it would be prudent for WWE to simply consider eliminating a full card of ‘extreme matches’ in their PG world. In a reality based presentation, one would assume that having Extreme Rules matches would include some occasional ‘dramatic’ blood usage and it would also necessitate a few, selected participants missing ring time to ‘recover’ from the affects of their stipulation heavy bouts.”

On Seth Rollins’ WWE return:

“Nice to see Seth Rollins healthy and back on TV and he helps the WWE lay of the land immediately. I think Rollins needs to be a heel now and when he turns on those cheering him that can be attained. However it’s likely that some defiant fans will cheer Rollins even though the talent that they allegedly support is working his tail off to be booed.”

On Cody Rhodes parting ways with WWE:

“Best wishes to Cody Rhodes as he is beginning a new chapter of his professional life after requesting and being granted his release from WWE. It is customary when a talent asks for a release with time remaining on their contract that the release is granted conditionally and the talents generally can’t wrestle for another company that has a television program on national TV until the previously agreed upon terms of the contract have been satisfied. I am unaware of how these matters are handled today. Nonetheless, Cody will be fine going forward as he has too much going for him to fail.

“Leaving any company is not the end of times especially for a young talent with significant skills who has more options today than he will have as he likely gets older. A fresh start often times is a positive thing.”

On WWE releasing Adam Rose:

“Adam Rose has requested his WWE release and has been granted such. It wil be interesting to see how the South African native proceeds with his life and what role pro wrestling may or may not have it it. I wish Rose well and encourage him to carefully strategize his next step.”

On the anniversary of Owen Hart’s tragic death:

“Sad day in so many respects as today is the anniversary of the tragic death of Owen Hart in Kansas City at the WWE Over The Edge PPV. It’s easy to say that Jerry Lawler adn I never had a more challenging task when continuing to broadcast the live event on PPV after having to announce that Owen had died. I’ve tried to erase those memories from my mind to no avail and have never gone back and looked at the footage.

“When people ask how The King and I continued our jobs that night I can only surmise that we were both in shock to some degree and went on automatic pilot for the balance of the broadcast. While I’ve never watched the footage from KC, there is rarely a week that goes by that I’m not reminded of what a great person Owen was to all that knew him.”

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