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In late 2015 TNA issued a statement claiming AJ Styles had backed out of an agreed & signed deal for their Pop TV debut, after they found out he was actually signing with WWE. In an interview with Brian Fritz to promote Sunday’s WrestleMania 32, The Phenomenal One commented on the contract situation with TNA. TNA had also claimed to sign Karl Anderson when they had not, which opens them up to a contract tampering lawsuit from NJPW.

“I had signed a letter of intent,” Styles said. “I agreed to ‘this is what you said you were going to pay me, so you can send it to legal,’ there was no contract whatsoever involved. What we signed was nothing. It was not a contract in any shape or form.”

Styles, who is booked to face Chris Jericho at Sunday’s event, says he feels he made the right decision by joining WWE. AJ made his WWE return on January 24, 2016, at the Royal Rumble, after previously appearing for the company on an episode of WWF Metal in 2002.

“I thought [TNA] did a great job of making themselves look like crap by putting out that statement,” Styles said. “Just let it go. Things didn’t work out. From what I’m hearing, man did I make a great decision coming here. I’m not shameful of what I’ve done in the past with another company, but I’m disappointed.”

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