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The following are highlights of a new Newsday interview with Lucha Underground wrestler Chavo Guerrero Jr.

On criticism of Lucha Underground featuring ex-WWE stars like John Morrison (as Johnny Mundo): “If they couldn’t do that style, I would see the difference. If they pushed a guy with big name brand recognition who can’t do lucha libre, who is kind of just adding name value, I would see people getting upset. But you have a John Morrison, who can do things in the ring that a lot of even the Latino luchadors can’t. So it’s not like he’s a charity case.”

On Lucha Underground’s unique production style: “If you look at any other wrestling show, they’re filming backstage segments and promos on video with one camera. We’re filming them like a movie. We have lighting, a props department, wardrobe. We’re filming them from all sorts of camera angles, spliced together with music in the background. I think, and not just because I’m working there, that this is the best wrestling product on the market. The best.”

On what Eddie Guerrero would have thought of Lucha Underground: “He would have loved this. This product is so different and gritty. I know he would be asking, ‘How do I become part of this. His wrestling IQ was off the charts . . . As great as [Lucha Underground] is now, it would be even better with his knowledge.”

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