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The following are highlights of the latest Jim Ross blog:

On the upcoming New Japan/Global Force pay-per-view: “I read where the New Japan Pro Wrestling PPV promoted by Jeff Jarrett’s new Global Force Wrestling company will be a FOUR HOUR EVENT and available on all major, PPV platforms from the Tokyo Dome. The event is set to run live in Tokyo from 4-8 pm on Saturday January 4 but don’t ask me what time that is in the USA. I will be buying the PPV and DVR’ing it for viewing at a more opportune time and without reading the “Jardine’s.” I’m not even sure that reading the “Jardines’s” aka the Spoilers would affect me wanting to watch the show.”

On Daniel Bryan: “If Daniel Bryan is being used to promote WM31 locally in Santa Clara why wasn’t his interaction with the world champion San Francisco Giants used on WWE or was it and I missed it? Great footage of exciting folks doing the ‘YES’ chant.”

On Lucha Underground: “Happy to see Ivelisse on Lucha Underground as she was one of my favorites in FCW in Ta,pa back in the day while training for a WWE career. Tough, physical woman of which there are too few of in today’s mat game. I wish her the best. I’m not sure what happened to hasten her departure from WWE but it likely had something to do with poor communication. She’s got talent that’s for sure.

Even though I am pulling for Luca Underground to be a rousing success, I am still not a fan of intergender wrestling. Mixed tag bouts are a different ball game but the intergender stuff is too much of a stretch of one’s imagination unless every female is a true, badass like my favorite MMA star @RondaRousey.”

On SmackDown changing nights: “WWE moving to Thursdays on SyFy in January isn’t a surprise and I’d go so far as to predict that move will also see a new announce team introduced as well. Michael Cole and JBL, while both doing a fine job, are overexposed and that fact really stands out when the PPV events sound just like Monday Night RAW. Taking Cole and JBL off Smackdown will make them more special and make the PPV’s sound fresher in my opinion.”

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