AEW Games '2.Show' debut moved to January 6

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AEW Games '2.Show' debut moved to January 6

December 31, 2020 | News | No Comments

AEW Games announced this afternoon that they are moving their new show, 2.Show, to January 6 instead of this coming Wednesday.

“With careful consideration, we have made the decision to push the 2.Show to next Wednesday, January 6th following AEW Dynamite.” AEW Games wrote on Twitter.

The news comes following the death of Brodie Lee this past Saturday at the age of 41 due to a lung issue. As a result, a special tribute show will air on this week’s Dynamite in place of the show that was scheduled to take place on December 30, New Year’s Smash. That show, a two week event, will now start on January 6.

AEW Games announced the 2.Show, which will be hosted by Kenny Omega, last Saturday. Aside from a teaser video, not much is known regarding the content or schedule of the show. The division launched back in November with a stream featuring the first trailer for the upcoming console game, as well as previews for upcoming poker and sim management mobile titles.

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