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Keith Lee recently spoke with the New York Post where he discussed his recent stand out WWE Survivor Series performance for Team NXT.

Keith Lee was the last man standing for the black and yellow brand, ending up having a one-on-one match with Roman Reigns. Even though he didn’t quite get the job done, it was certainly a case where the loser looked incredibly strong.

During his interview, the Limitless One spoke about when he found out he was going to be in that position:

 “I stopped for a moment. And I looked around like, ‘Are they sure that they’re talking to me?’ And then there was a brief moment of about seven seconds where I didn’t do anything and gradually, randomly, casually say ‘Oh crap,’ because I have no idea, none. Limited time frame and figuring it all out is a big challenge in its own right.”

When reflecting on the moment, Keith Lee discusses what he remembers the most.

“That whole experience was one thing, but the moment it came down to me, Seth [Rollins] and Roman, I think from there right up until that fist bump is all things that I’ll remember because it was the first time mixing it up with people considered to be the two faces of WWE. The honor was immense and full of excitement and energy and passion. It was fantastic.”

Keith Lee’s momentum has only continued since then. He also reflected on the moment when he shoulder charged Adam Cole into the audience on WWE NXT and how he didn’t think he’d hit him that hard.

“Yeah, because the first time I saw it, I didn’t even believe it could be real. Like, I did not think that I hit him that hard. It was like a movie scene with wirework and they just yanked him out of the screen or something. He left the frame man. When I hit him, he almost went over everyone, and that could have been really, really bad. Obviously, I want to beat up Adam Cole, but I don’t want to just end him.”

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