Renee Young Reflects On Her Commentary: “I Was Second Guessing Myself”

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Renee Young was a recent guest on Corey Graves’ After The Bell podcast where she reflected on her commentary role and now working on WWE Backstage.

Young admitted that when she was offered the role to commentate, she was happy to jump at the chance. However, Young felt like she was second-guessing herself while doing the job.

“When the commentary thing came up I was like ‘hell yeah I’ll try it.’ I think that I could find a way to try and make something work. But it’s definitely nice to not have to second guess myself anymore. I felt like I was second guessing myself on commentary all the time. Now I’m just like ‘cool I know what I’m doing.’ My confidence is back up at 100, it’s a world of difference.”

Renee admitted that she is more comfortable being able to laugh at things, which wasn’t always possible on commentary.

“You know what, this is so simple,” said Young. “I think that I do best when I’m allowed to laugh at stuff and make things fun. I felt like I was not really able to do that as much on commentary. So to be back in a studio setting and just talk about wrestling as a fan. That’s something that couldn’t come across when I was on commentary. Now I can shoot the sh*t with Booker [T], we’ve got Paige on there, we’ve got Punk. I like to be able to talk not in soundbytes. That’s really the thing here.”

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