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AEW Star Sammy Guevara recently spoke with the Talk Is Jericho podcast where the two Inner Circle members talked about WWE. Below are some highlights with a H/T to for the transcriptions.

Guevara firstly spoke about his time with Lucha Underground:

“That was a cool little thing going on. I only did Season 4,” said Guevara. “It almost didn’t happen because I was signed on to Aro Lucha. I got in there because of Konnan. I almost felt like he didn’t care about me until he realized I was Cuban.

I actually worked with Jack Swagger over there. I did a crazy 20-foot moonsault off the top of the balcony onto just him. It was all my fault,” admits Guevara. “He was very against the idea but thought it was my last night over there because I was getting my leg broken, so I said, well, who cares let’s go out with a bang. I did it, and as I am going backward, all the ring steps are close so as I land I roll to the side, so I don’t roll back and bonk my head. I roll my ankle so it was basically a broken-ankle thing. I roll him in the ring and the last thing I need to do is a springboard so I’m like, okay, come on, don’t f**k me up right now, do this, and luckily my body didn’t give up on me.”

On a WWE tryout making him lose interest in signing for the company:

“I did have a WWE tryout in 2017, but I think it was just for me to get into the system,” revealed Guevara. “It was definitely a difficult tryout. I was doing a bunch of cardio leading up to that. I had the elevation masks on. They were making us run the ropes, dropping down over bags, high knees holding on to the top ropes. We would do that in 5 different rings, and then line back up and do all sorts of different stuff.¬†William Regal¬†was there; Norman Smiley was there. Ricky Starks was in the tryout as well.”

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“I don’t think any wrestler got signed. I think a collegiate wrestler got signed. It felt that if you want to do this for a living f**k you, but these models, ex-Football players they treated them really good and almost shame on you for actually wanting to be a wrestler,” said Guevara. “It seemed like when the cameras were on they really played it up. It felt like a whole gimmick to me because everyone was chill until the cameras were on and suddenly they start drilling and yelling at you. I’m like, alright, I see what this is. It definitely opened up my eyes because I wouldn’t want to be there, maybe not ever, but certainly not now just because of the way they treated me. Maybe it’s different now, I don’t know, but during that time I saw that unless I was a somebody it’s going to be hell here.”

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