Ronda Rousey Claims Bella Twins “Leech on to Their Men”; Slams Nikki for Getting “Thrown Out” of John Cena’s Bedroom

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Things have heated up big time between Raw Women’s Champion Ronda Rousey and the Bella Twins, following a face-to-face confrontation this Monday night that got extremely personally, and a bit uncomfortable.

As noted, Rousey has been referring to the twins as “Do Nothing Bellas”, taking shots at the Divas era of WWE programming and trashing their legacies, which includes the production of two successful reality series and multiple title reigns.

Nikki fired back on Instagram before Raw, listing off her accolades after more than a decade in the business, and continued to vent her frustrations on the air.

“It made me cringe to watch you at the forefront of this evolution,” Nikki spat out on Raw, claiming that the Bellas were at the forefront of the women’s revolution while Ronda walked in as an outsider and was handed everything.

Rousey then cranked it up a notch, stating “Everything that the Divas era stood for made me sick to my stomach”. That line in particular didn’t sit well with many fans and those online, with the general consensus being that it’s inappropriate for her to be trashing an entire generation of women who worked very hard in their time and got very little support back from the company.

The former UFC icon took it one step forward, assuming both of the Bellas of “leeching on to their men”, and using the popularity of both Daniel Bryan and John Cena to benefit their own careers.

When Nikki tried to claim that she had broken down more doors in sports for women – something utterly hilarious – Rousey went for the final blow stating, “Nikki, the only door you’ve ever knocked down is the door to John Cena’ bedroom – and he eventually threw you out of that exact same door.” 

Ronda Rousey and Nikki Bella will do battle for the Raw Women’s Championship in less than two weeks time at the all-Women’s pay-per-view event WWE Evolution!

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