Daniel Cormier Reveals Top WWE Star Texted Him to “Kick Brock’s Ass” After UFC 226

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UFC Champion Daniel Cormier recently spoke with Instinct Culture regarding his UFC future, defending his two titles and retiring at the age of 40. On whether or not he truly intends to retire by his 40th birthday, Cormier affirmed, “I’m gonna retire by next March, so I want to fight as many times as I can before I retire…It’s over. At 40 years old I can’t be doing this anymore.”

During the interview, Cormier also revealed WWE star Seth Rollins texted him after Cormier’s confrontation with Brock Lesnar at UFC 226. Interviewer Denise Salcedo joked that footage of Daniel Cormier celebrating Seth Rollins’ Money in the Bank cash-in might be why Lesnar is upset with Cormier, and the UFC Champion had the following to say in return:

“Maybe that’s why he’s so mad at me huh? Because I’m friends with Seth Rollins. I got a text message from Seth right after the fight. He goes, ‘congratulations, now go kick Brock’s ass.’ And that’s what I’m gonna do.”

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Cormier was also asked his opinion of UFC/MMA fans who are vocal in their dislike of WWE, and vice versa, and Cormier offered the following response:

“Everybody’s entitled to their opinion. Just because you like one does not mean you can’t like the other. I think we both have very passionate fanbases, that’s why you see people on one side so mad or people on the other side so mad. All just come together and buy the PPV, that’s all I want”.

Cormier went on to say that the shoving altercation with Lesnar at UFC 226 felt to him like he was having a WrestleMania moment, and you can watch more in the above video player.

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