WWE On Rock’s Daughter at Globes, New ‘Being the Elite’ & Eva Marie Vlog (Videos), NJPW Star to Make Announcement

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Former WWE star Eva Marie has released a new video blog for her NEM company.

A sneak glimpse inside a day at the brand new NEM Fashion Office! When I am not filming a movie, attending acting classes, or going on auditions, I spend many of my days working alongside my business partners at NEM Fashion to help build the NEMpire!

WWE On Rock’s Daughter at Globes

As noted, The Rock’s daughter Simone Garcia-Johnson was named the first ever Golden Globe Awards Ambassador, and WWE.com has posted the following on the honor. You can check out photos of Simone, along with The Rock presenting at the Awards show, at this link.

Do you smell what Simone is cooking?

The Rock’s daughter, Simone Garcia Johnson, served as the first-ever Golden Globes Ambassador at the 75th annual edition of the event on Sunday night. Simone, with her father by her side, thanked the Hollywood Foreign Press for the distinction of being the very first ambassador at the iconic event, which saw her have a presence on stage throughout the duration of the show.

WWE.com congratulates Garcia Johnson on this great honor.

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NJPW Star to Make Big Announcement

NJPW has posted the following on Facebook, teasing a big announcement from Bad Luck Fale later today:

When the UnderBoss says he’s got some HUGE news…he really means it

7pm AEDT – Australian Eastern Daylight Time tomorrow night, all is revealed….

Are you ready?

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Latest ‘Being the Elite’

Below is a special Tokyo Dome edition of “Being the Elite”.

The guys perform in Tokyo Dome for NJPW’s Wrestle Kingdom 12. Cody & Kenny have a little tension.

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