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7/30/19 WWE Smackdown Recap

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WWE SmackDown Results
July 30, 2019
Earlier today we see Shane McMahon on screen and says he won’t be on SmackDown tonight, person to blame for this is Kevin Owens who attacks me and wants revenge but I take on Kevin Owens at SummerSlam, at SummerSlam your career ends and you will look me in the eye and say Shane is the better man and I quit.
When we go live commentators say what is coming – Champion Vs Champion – Kofi Kingston Vs AJ Styles. Daniel Bryan announcement tonight, Kings Court with Trish Stratus as guest and Roman Reigns issues his SummerSlam challenge.
Kevin Owens comes out and says we will make it through the night without Shane McMahon and want to reinsure you not being here and SmackDown can be about the talent and not your stupid face, make sure you bring your stupid face and body and it is me Vs you 1-on-1 in the ring and I am not going to quit at SummerSlam because I will beat you, not just beat you but beat the hell out of you and you don’t belong in this ring with people like me. After that beating you may show up still and from that moment on this is not your ring, show but the Kevin Owens Show. Music of Drew McIntyre hits. Drew McIntyre says you don’t listen but you have a match tonight which Shane didn’t mention and its Kevin Owens Vs Drew McIntyre and one more thing – Drew hits Kevin Owens with the microphone and sends him outside and across the commentary table. Drew says that match is next.
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Singles Match
Drew McIntyre Vs Kevin Owens
Drew McIntyre in control of Kevin Owens in the corner. McIntyre with a chin lock on Owens. Owens tries to regain control but McIntyre takes him down. Armlock by McIntyre. Owens regains control and kicks to Drew, chops from the corner, Drew goes shoulder first into the post, cannonball on McIntyre for a two count. In the corner headbutt by Owens followed by a Frog splash for a two count.
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When we return Owens in control, McIntyre nails Glasgow Kiss, then goes for Claymore Kick blocked and a pop up power bomb by Owens for a two, Owens climbs top rope and chops to Owens, McIntyre with a Celtic Cross of the top rope for a two. On the outside Drew McIntyre dismantles table and then Owens nails a Stunner on McIntyre sends him in the ring, drop kick followed by another Stunner for the win.
Winner via Pinfall Kevin Owens
Backstage: Kayla Braxton interviews Dolph Ziggler about his actions with Shawn Michaels last week, Dolph Ziggler says who cares, last week Mick Foley got destroyed by The Fiend, Goldberg last match was forgettable, and now The Miz wants to face me and he is not even the best wrestler in his family as Maryse is better and tonight Finn Balor wants to challenge me and I will prove I am the best wrestler at the moment.
Backstage We see Ember Moon with Bayley and Bayley said I chose you as my oponnent at SummerSlam and if you try something against me you will regret it.
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Backstage Aleister Black says I am different, feel different, talk different and my redemption lies in the blood of my soul, How do I right my next chapter after Cesaro saga, sitting here waiting less patiently, for anybody to catch on and I am trying to do for me.
Womens Division Tag Team Match
Ember Moon and SmackDown Womens Champion Bayley Vs Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross

Bayley in control of Bliss, Ember dives to outside onto Nikki Cross.
When we return Cross in control of Bayley, hooking her in the ring mat, Bliss with a dropkick to Bayley, Slap to Bayley, Cross tagged in and Bayley sends her to the outside, Bayley tags in Ember and kicks to Alexa Bliss. Moon takes down Cross and nails splash into the corner onto Bliss and Eclipse to Nikki Cross, then Alexa sends Moon into the ringpost. Twisted Bliss on Ember Moon for the win.
Winners via Pinfall Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross
After the match Bayley helps Ember Moon up and drops her with a Belly to Bayley Suplex.
Sarah Scrieber interviews Sami Zayn who says he is here scouting but see people complaints. Aleister Black sits in a room and begs for a fight but doesn’t live up to the hype and if he came infront of these parasitic fans he would lose. I am going to challenge Aleister Black and beat him down and expose him at SummerSlam.
Up next Kings Court hosted by Jerry Lawler with WWE HOF Trish Stratus.
Commercial break
Backstage: Daniel Bryan is interviewed by Kayla Braxton about his announcement and Daniel Bryan just walks away.
Kings Court – Hosted by WWE HOF Jerry “King” Lawler
Jerry says it is good to be the king especially in Memphis, TN, She is a favourite female superstar of mine Trish Stratus. Trish comes out. Trish says she flew from vacation to here and missed Raw Reunion. Raw was a wild show, Lawler says the ending of Raw Reunion was amazing and people were backstage and saying they wish they had one final match. Do you want a final match? (Crowd chant one more match) Trish says WWE is in my blood and I a kind of mom and need to do my duties. Music of Charlotte Flair hits,  Charlotte says it is a disgrace to hold Kings Court without a Queen present, how am I not in a match at SummerSlam, Charlotte says stop your sappy reminiscing and your a mom, a lot of WWE Superstars are parents, we have a mom, everyone has a mom and sounds like an excuse and at SummerSlam in front of your children in your hometown Charlotte challenges you, Charlotte says since WWE evolved and industry changed and trailblazers and expected more competitive fire from you and you don’t think you can hang with the queen and exit my ring and go back to changing diapers. Trish says I respect you Charlotte, incredible performer and you are just being a bitch, there would be no trail for you to blaze without me and without me, Lita, Beth Phoenix, Jacqueline there is no division and to beat the women you need to beat the women and your match at SummerSlam is on.
We see AJ Styles and Raw World Tag Team Champions talking about their win on Raw.
Firefly House segment. Saying the Fiend has been unleashed
Commercial break
Singles Match
Dolph Ziggler Vs Finn Balor
When we return match is underway and Ziggler in control till a slingblade byBalor, Fameasser drop by Ziggler for a two count. Ziggler goes for Sweet Chin Music kick but missed and then Slingblade and stomp and then Balor sends Ziggler outside, lights go out and music of Bray Wyatt hits and arena goes black and he appears and lights go out and then back up and Ziggler drops Balor with Zig Zag for the win.
Winner via Pinfall Dolph Ziggler
Commercial break
Non-Title Singles Match
Ali Vs WWE Intercontinental Champion Shinsuke Nakamura
Ali with quick attack and in control till Nakamura sends Ali into the post and Nakamura regains control and then nails a knee. Ali with a face bomb. Reverse exploder by Nakamura, Nakamura goes for a Kinshasha knee but missed and a drop kick by Ali and goes for his splash but missed and then another attempt and powerbomb reversed and third knee strike missed and a roll up for the win.
Winner via Pinfall Ali
We see a video package about the career of Randy Orton leading to his challenge for WWE Championship.
Backstage The New Day talk about the main event.
Commercial break
Non-Title Champion Vs Champion Singles MatchWWE Champion Kofi Kingston w/SmackDown Tag Team Champions The New Day – Big E and Xavier Woods Vs WWE United States Champion AJ Styles w/Raw Tag Team Champions The OC – Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson

Tie up starts the match, headlock by Styles, arm lock takedown by Kingston, Styles gets to the rope to cause break. takedown by Styles, then a takedown by Styles, Shoulder dive takes down Styles, standing drop kick by Styles, back elbow by Kingston, Kingston sent into corner but climbs to second rope and dropkick by Styles, Trouble in Paradise attempt, Styles with a knee on outside and sends Kingston into rope. Styles sends Kingston into timekeeper area.
Commercial break
We will hear after the match who Roman Reigns will face at SummerSlam
Styles in control, Kingston climbs to top rope and AJ follows but shoved off and a rolling DDT of the top rope. Boom Drop by Kingston on Styles. Kingston with a drop kick. Trouble In Paradise blocked, SOS by Kingston for a two count. Wheel kick by Kingston, Kingston on the top with a splash on Styles but Gallows and Anderson pull Styles out, Woods and Big E confront them and then Styles with a punch to Kingston, boot by Kingston to Styles. Gallows and Anderson send Big E and Xavier into wall, then dive onto Styles/Anderson/Gallows by Kingston, Yoshi Garoshi knee by Styles for a two count. Trouble in Paradise kick to Styles as Styles attempts elbow for the win.
Winner via Pinfall WWE Champion Kofi Kingston
We see Kayla Braxton waiting to interview Roman Reigns about his match and is walking backstage towards Kayla Braxton and something falls on him and then more stuff falls. EMTs and staff check and he is okay and then walks away confused.
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