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On the latest episode of her Bellas podcast, Nikki Bella talked about the photo that has surfaced of John Cena with his new rumored girlfriend Shay Shariatzadeh. Nikki admits that talking about Cena is still a hard topic for her to discuss given how their relationship ended and the backlash because of it. She also said that seeing the photo of Cena with a new woman made her stomach turn in knots and delivered a warning to Shay Shariatzadeh.
Nikki: “I’m just going to come out and say it. You all have seen John’s paparazzi pics. For some of you who don’t know who John is, he’s my ex-fiancé. We’ve been broken up for like, a year now. But he was spotted with a new mystery woman and everyone has been blowing up my phone, trying to get to my PR to get my reaction. Everyone wants to know what I’ve been thinking and I haven’t said anything yet, so let me just put it out there.” “I felt bad for John. I felt bad because I felt like I embarrassed him, I felt like I disappointed him, and I have to live with a lot of that stuff and it’s been tough. If you guys only knew how much therapy I’ve been in. But let me tell you, she breaks his heart? I will Rack Attack her in a heartbeat. Still protective of that man.”
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