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It has been several weeks now since fans have seen Brock Lesnar make any sort of appearance on WWE programming. Lesnar held onto the Universal Championship for over 500 days in one of the longest modern title reigns in WWE before he finally lost the title to Roman Reigns at SummerSlam back in August. After losing the title, the belief was that “The Beast Incarnate” would take an indefinite hiatus from WWE in order to resume MMA training for a huge UFC fight against Daniel Cormier at some point in 2019. Little mention or reports concerning the former world champion have been made over the past few weeks, but could Brock Lesnar be making his return to wrestling much sooner than originally expected?
Brock Lesnar may be on his way back to WWE right now as it has just been reported by PWInsider that Lesnar has been spotted in San Antonio, Texas and that he is currently backstage at tonight’s Hell in a Cell pay-per-view for WWE. It is unknown why exactly Lesnar is backstage right now, and it is even being said that WWE has not made much of an effort to hide him. One possibility may be that Brock is simply backstage to meet with key WWE officials in order to discuss his future and his next step in the company, but it is also possible that Lesnar could make his onscreen return during Hell in a Cell tonight. If Lesnar does come back tonight, the Hell in a Cell match between Roman Reigns and Braun Strowman would be the most likely match for him to appear.
WWE’s Hell in a Cell pay-per-view is just moments away from taking place, and some fans were already able to view a live stream of the titular structure being set up yesterday. Fans instantly recognized that the Hell in a Cell received a makeover for this year’s pay-per-view and that it has been painted red for the show tonight. The Hell in a Cell structure has largely looked the same over the years, so why the sudden change? According to WrestleVotes, the 20-year anniversary of the Mick Foley vs. Undertaker Hell in a Cell match from King of the Ring 1998 inspired Vince McMahon to make some adjustments to the cage and change it up a bit since the structure has mostly been kept unchanged over the past two decades.

Asked about the Red Cell… source said “honestly, w/ all this 20 yr talk about Taker & Foley, I think Vince forgot how old the match was. So he changed it up. Like when Mania lost its roman numerals. Just something new.” Also, they did test for visibility and it’s OK. #WWEHIAC
— WrestleVotes (@WrestleVotes) September 16, 2018

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