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As part of launch day content for’s newly-created WWE dedicated section, Triple H (real name Paul Levesque) was interviewed by ESPN’s KC Joyner about booking and wrestling psychology.

In the interview, WWE’s Chief Operating Officer offered a results-oriented defense of WWE’s booking and was critical of those who use the term 50/50 booking.

“When somebody goes, ‘Well, you just can’t get people over with 50/50 booking,’ [I’ll always say] ‘Oh, I’m sorry, how’s your territory coming? Because this one seems to be doing pretty good over here.’ We just had the largest WrestleMania in history.” Triple H said. “People talk a lot of smack about ratings and things, but they don’t understand all of the dynamics of everything we do. They don’t. They sit on the internet and they read one thing and they give their point of view.”

On the topic of wins and losses, Triple H said that he doesn’t keep track of them and those decisions are more of a feel thing.

“Sometimes you’re beating a talent because you want to beat them and that’s the sympathetic reaction you’re trying to elicit. There are some talents that, when you beat them, they get more popular, but as soon as they start on a winning path, their popularity begins to wane… People want that underdog to strive to succeed and then get a little bit of success and then get knocked back off that perch and be the underdog again.”

Triple H acknowledged that critical opinions matter, but again came back to WWE’s success by mentioning that WWE will sell out the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, NY three nights in a row over SummerSlam weekend.

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