'Pools of Blood' in Cairo Streets as Egypt's Military Attacks Sit-Ins

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(11:38 AM EST) As the deathtoll continues to rise in Egypt on Wednesday and graphic images of those killed surfaced on social media, a presidential edict from the military-backed government announced a month-long State of Emergency was nowbeing imposed across the country.

According to reports of the declaration, the military-appointed Interim president Adly Mansour, has “tasked the armed forces, in cooperation with the police, to take all necessary measures to maintain security and order and to protect public and private property and the lives of citizens.”

CNN International interviewed a doctor who says army soldiers raided the field hospital where the dead and dying had been brought and forced all medical personel to leave at gunpoint, leaving the wounded behind.

Journalists and witness were reporting scenes of chaos and carnage in and around the Rabaa camp, where most of the violence was concentrated. The Guardian’s Patrick Kingsley sent this ominous tweet:

Twitter reports, including photos, from correspondents and witnesses on the ground in Cairo continued to provide the most up-to-date coverage of events. [Warning: graphic images contained in twitter stream]:

Tweets from @jonqueally/from-cairo

Reporting on the response to the “state-of-emergency” edict, Kingsley reports from Cairo:

Al-Jazeera reports:

Mohamed ElBaradei, part of the leftist coalition that once backed the coup against Morsi and was appointed to serve as Vice President of the interim government, has now resigned from the post in protest of today’s violent crackdown and the imposition of the ‘state of emergency.’


According to Reuters:

Reporters on the ground in Cairo describe “pools of blood,” “near constant gunfire” and being targeted themselves by Egyptian security forces as violence gripped the city on Wednesday.

The number reported dead is fluctuating from “scores” to “hundreds” after the Egyptian military and security forces followed through with their threats to clear protest encampments set up by supporters of the ousted President Mohamed Morsi.

Attacking the sit-in camps with bulldozers, tear gas, and live fire, security forces were reported to have shot unarmed protesters as they tried to escape behind barricades or flee.

Agence France Presse and Reuters put the number at over forty people killed, but the Independent quotes members of the Muslim Brotherhood, the target of the violence, at several hundred with thousands wounded.

At least one field hospital near the Rabaa protest camp had been turned into a morgue, as the Independent’s correspondent Alastair Beach documents in this tweet [warning: graphic image].

According to Reuters:

The Guardian is live-blogging here.

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