Paul Heyman Goes On Lengthy Rant In Response To Criticism From CW Anderson

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On Sunday afternoon, WWE on-air performer Paul Heyman responded to criticism he received from former ECW star CW Anderson’s recent interview with the folks from The Two Man Power Trip Of Wrestling Podcast.

Below is the lengthy response Heyman posted via multiple tweets via his official Twitter page (@HeymanHustle):

“As we sit here about 2 enjoy Korean BBQ, I decided 2 go against how I usually handle wannabes who like 2 name drop (after 16 years, no less). I saw an interview in which #CWAnderson claims I was in LA shooting #Rollerball instead of trying to save #ECW back in 2000. It’s absurd that people have done nothing to talk about in 17 years so they are constrained to address their heartbreak about 2000/01. Of course, that makes me an even bigger schmuck to feel compelled to ANSWER these moronic comments, but the food is cooking, so … (1) Rollerball was never filmed in LA. It was filmed in Montreal and then in Yonkers, NY. (2) My scenes in Rollerball were shot in June and July, 2001. Not when #ECW was in business. I was actually booked for the movie thru @WWE. (3) The insinuation that I was shooting movie(s) in LA instead of trying to save what was my life (at the time) (#ECW) is just ignorant. (4) Not only did I desperately try every angle 2 save the company, I put in every last dime I personally had, even when the ship was sinking. (5) I have zero regrets over any of this. I went bankrupt trying to save #ECW, and have never regretted my investment and never will. (6) So when someone repeats a blatant lie about my commitment at the time to the product to which I devoted seven years of my life, it’s nothing short of ignorance on full display for the entire world to see. It’s a shame I waited this long to correct the record on this BS that has lingered for all these years…”

Check out Paul Heyman’s response to CW Anderson exactly how it appeared on his Twitter timeline via the tweets embedded below.

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