Austin Says Flair/Charlotte RAW Segment Was "Real Bad," Talks Sasha Banks

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On the latest edition of WWE Hall Of Famer “Stone Cold” Steve Austin’s weekly “Steve Austin Show” podcast at, “The Rattlesnake” spoke about the recent RAW segment between Ric Flair and Charlotte, his thoughts on Sasha Banks and more. Below are some of the highlights of what Austin spoke about.

On Sasha Banks:

“She is a tremendous worker. She [has] got a great look. She [has] got a great gimmick. She can talk. She can do it all! And I think the young lady has money written all over her, but she [has] got to be a single person that’s not got anybody running any interference for her, not taking away any shine from her, any of her camera time. She is a solo act. ‘The Legit Boss’? It kind of speaks for itself. If they ain’t got anything for her, keep her off TV. But if you’re going to bring her back, bring her back full green light and bring her back in a solo run.”

On the recent RAW segment between Ric Flair and Charlotte:

“[Ric Flair] spilled the beans as soon as he went out there. He had only been talking 10 to 15 seconds and I said, ‘oh, he’s getting fired or she’s going to kick him out of the damn ring’ and that’s exactly what happened. And then, man, that was a pretty rowdy crowd and she got lost. And I love Charlotte. She’s a talented female. She’s still green, but she [has] got so much potential. And she carries herself [like a star]. When she enters that damn arena, everybody comes to their feet when they hit that music. It’s a moment. We’ll see what happens with the matches that she’s in, but she’s a special one too. But that was just a real bad [segment] and that thing, Ric kind of spilled the beans. Whoever wrote that, and you know Ric is one of the best promos in the history of the [professional wrestling] business and you don’t writing [anything] for Ric Flair. Just let him go out there and do his thing. But, so he’s going out there and he’s trying to memorize this script that someone wrote him and he spilled the beans, started tripping all over himself, and then, it only got worse from there. And then, Charlotte’s trying to recoup and she gets lost a couple of times and goes at the crowd and then kind of misspeaks and then it was extremely awkward and it was hard to watch because I’m such a fan of the Flairs.”

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