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WWE Tag-Team Champions The New Day (Big E., Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods) recently appeared as guests on The Sam Roberts Wrestling Podcast. Below are some of the highlights from the interview.

On Big E’s hip-dance during The New Day’s entrance:

“I’ll be honest. I didn’t know I had that in me. I don’t dance. Like, I don’t dance at all. I don’t do any of that. And then, I don’t know when it started, but it just felt right. I was like, ‘oh, I’m going to try this’ and it felt so right. And now it’s getting out of hand!” Big E added, “I can’t remember the first thing that was said, but the cool thing is Vince loves the nonsense. We always get reports that, like, we’ll have a writer or someone in Gorilla and they’ll tell us that Vince is doubled over laughing. He loves the nonsense and that’s really cool.”

On Vince McMahon pulling Xavier Woods aside after an over-sell job on TV:

“I love being subversive and I really like seeing where the line is, but, no, we haven’t gotten in trouble at all. I think the only time Vince has ever pulled us aside and said, ‘hey, pull it back a little bit’ is when Woods went through a table, the Dudleyz put him through a table, and he did the old school D-Von sell and I didn’t realize how bad it was until I watched it back and Vince had every right to pull [Woods] aside because it was ridiculous!”

On the origin of “Booty-O’s”:

“I think it was, like, last November. We were just in the car. We always try to push and see, like, what we can do. And so, we came up with the idea, like, ‘oh, maybe like a cereal. It’s like, Booty-O’s. We can make a cereal called Booty-O’s.’ And so, I contacted a guy on Twitter who’s a very good artist and commissioned him to draw up what it would look like if we had a cereal box. And then, the next day on [WWE Monday Night] RAW, we just said, ‘Booty-O’s! They make sure you ain’t booty.’ Just said it. And then, we got two things of fan art, whatever, on Twitter. And then, that Friday, we released the picture that the guy drew, that we had the guy draw. Then, we said it again the next Monday. Then, that next week, tons of fan art. Then, they came to us, like, ‘eh, what’s this Booty-O’s thing? We need to do something.’ And it’s like, we literally willed it into existence and it feels real good.”

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