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In an interview that didn’t reveal much of anything related to the future of AEW and Impact Wrestling, World Champion Kenny Omega said on Impact Tuesday that he will be on Dynamite Wednesday to make “a big announcement.”

A very heelish Omega and Impact VP Don Callis were interviewed by Josh Mathews on Omega’s new bus, kicking things off by changing the nameplate on the AEW title belt. Callis said this whole plan began 27 years ago when he first met Omega and that he didn’t return years ago to be a color commentator or to do a podcast.

He came back to change history alongside Omega, citing his various recent accomplishments in New Japan, AAA, and AEW. He said no one changes history twice, but that’s exactly what they did last Wednesday, “setting the course of history right.”

Omega justified hitting Jon Moxley with a microphone and breaking the “gentleman’s agreement” because Moxley hit Callis first, comparing it to a situation where someone hit your own father. “When you lay your hands on the invisible hand, what do you expect me to do?”, he said. He didn’t feel like the way the win happened tarnished it at all. They did it “because we can” and that he feels like “the old me.”

Omega, sporting a black right eye, said he was a hobbyist and talked about his past collecting comics where had to stop because he could never get the most rarest, most valuable one. Now that he has the Action Comics #1 of wrestling titles, he might want to start collecting others with Callis pointing out Impact has lots of titles. He said he loves the lifestyle of being a pro wrestler, traveling, and as long as he has the AEW title, he doesn’t mind having fun in his spare time.

He then said he and Callis were going to make a big announcement on Dynamite with Lex Luger being a clue because they had already had the bus.

The entire episode of Impact was centered around Omega’s appearance, opening with a two-minute recap package of the Omega/Moxley title match from Winter Is Coming. Early in the show, AEW president Tony Khan appeared alongside Tony Schiavone in a “paid announcement” promoting Dynamite and inviting Callis to the show to accompany Omega.

Later, Tommy Dreamer told Scott D’Amore that he was concerned about what Omega and Callis mean to the Impact locker room. D’Amore blew off because of all the attention it was getting, telling Dreamer to go along for the ride because a lot of other people are.

Just before the show closing interview, Impact World Champion Rich Swann was attempting to get into the parking lot but was told he wasn’t on the list which he didn’t take favorably, storming off after flipping over a chair.

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