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– Charly Caruso posted the following this morning. You’re welcome…

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Been debating posting this photo, but I am so damn proud of myself and the hard word I’ve been putting in for months now…that I just had to! 💁🏻‍♀️ (I took this photo on a whim, so the set up ain’t great) ➡️I’ve been so dialed in to my training despite the constant travel and obstacles that continuously come up and it’s really starting to show. My legs and glutes are more shapely than ever and for someone who is naturally pretty straight up and down, it takes a lot of hard work to build these muscles. But the key, as in most things in life, is CONSISTENCY! 💪🏽💪🏽 ➡️I train 5-6 days/week lifting (3 lower, 2 upper right now) and do cardio for about 90-120 minutes over the course of the week. ➡️I’m working on leaning out my midsection a bit, and I think I’ve already done so in the last week and a half, but honestly, I’m more focused on building muscle so I’m not stressing about it. I love looking and feeling strong!! 💥 A HUGE thank you to @theabchick for her guidance in the gym and the kitchen these past couple months, which have been vital, to @kennysantucci who always has my back when I need a good 🍑 kicking and for providing a great training foundation and to @coachmarkcarroll who taught me so much when working with him last year. Also, shout out to @rocbodyfitnesscafe and @trifectasystem for keeping me on track with their amazing and yummy meal prep! It’s a team effort and I’ve got a great one! 💪🏽THE BEST IS YET TO COME!! 💪🏽 TRUST THE PROCESS! 💥 #nyc #fitnesslife #fitlife #progress #consistency #proud #gains #wrestlemania #trusttheprocess
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