WWE Granted Federal Injunction to Prevent Sale of Counterfeit Merchandise in New Jersey

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PWInsider reports that World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) was able to receive an injunction order in the United States District Court of New Jersey on April 15 that would prevent the distribution and sale of counterfeit items that would bear the WWE name or any of its trademarks or copyright for the next year. As a result, WWE and local authorities now have the right to confiscate any counterfeit items being sold by bootleggers..
The injunction stated that counterfeit merchandise for the promotion was being sold outside and on the grounds of MetLife Stadium on April 7 during WrestleMania 35. Also, illegal sales were expected to continue over the next year within a three-mile radius of WWE live events and shows.
The Court ruling reads as follows:
“(a) WWE is likely to succeed in showing that Defendants have used counterfeit or infringing marks in connection with the sale, offering for sale or distribution of goods or services; (b) WWE will suffer immediate and irreparable injury and will have no adequate remedy at law if this Court declines to grant a preliminary injunction and order of seizure; (c) the harm to WWE should this Court not grant the requested preliminary injunction and order of seizure clearly outweighs any harm which Defendants might incur if the preliminary injunction and order of seizure is granted; (d) the public interest is served with the issuance of the preliminary injunction and order of seizure.”
“Federal, state, and local law enforcement officers are hereby authorized and directed to seize any and all Counterfeit Merchandise and any records documenting the manufacture, sale or receipt of the Counterfeit Merchandise, in the possession, dominion or control of Defendants, their agents or persons acting in concert or participation with them. All seized items shall be delivered up to the care and custody of Plaintiff or Plaintiff’s attorneys pending further instructions from the Court. The seized goods shall be kept in identifiable containers.”
The ruling adds that anyone who is caught selling counterfeit WWE merchandise has to provide their correct name and address and later appear in court to defend themselves and provide any additional details on counterfeit material they know is being sold.
The court ruling will remain in effect until March of 2020. PWInsider’s report notes that around that time, WWE will likely try to get a similar court ruling in Tampa Bay, Florida, which is the host city for WrestleMania 36. In the past, WWE has pursued legal injunctions to try and prevent counterfeit merchandise being sold.Click Here: cheap nrl merchandise

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