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A United States Championship match is the latest addition to the lineup for WrestleMania 37.

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Riddle will defend his United States Championship against Sheamus at WrestleMania 37 night two on Sunday, April 11. That was announced after Sheamus defeated Riddle in a non-title match on Raw tonight.

At the end of their match on tonight’s Raw, Sheamus pinned Riddle after hitting a knee strike. Sheamus charged at Riddle and knocked him into a production crate backstage before the match began. 

Riddle got some payback on Sheamus by knocking him out of the ring as Sheamus was celebrating after their match tonight.

Last week, there was a segment where Sheamus was being interviewed backstage but was interrupted by Riddle. After being asked multiple questions by Riddle, Sheamus acted like he was interested in riding Riddle’s scooter. Riddle went to let Sheamus ride the scooter, but Sheamus instead attacked him with it.

WrestleMania 37 is taking place at Raymond James Stadium in Tampa, Florida on Saturday, April 10 and Sunday, April 11. Here are the updated cards for the event:

WrestleMania 37 night one (Saturday, April 10) —
SmackDown Women’s Champion Sasha Banks defends against Bianca Belair
WWE Champion Bobby Lashley defends against Drew McIntyre
Bad Bunny vs. The Miz
Raw Tag Team Champions The New Day (Kofi Kingston & Xavier Woods) defend against AJ Styles & Omos
Steel cage match: Braun Strowman vs. Shane McMahon
Seth Rollins vs. Cesaro
WrestleMania 37 night two (Sunday, April 11) —
Universal Champion Roman Reigns defends against Edge and Daniel Bryan in a triple threat match
Raw Women’s Champion Asuka defends against Rhea Ripley
“The Fiend” Bray Wyatt vs. Randy Orton
Kevin Owens vs. Sami Zayn
Intercontinental Champion Big E defends against Apollo Crews
United States Champion Riddle defends against Sheamus

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On Saturday’s Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer said that Logan Paul will be involved in the Kevin Owens vs. Sami Zayn match at this year’s WWE WrestleMania 37.

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Meltzer wasn’t sure if Paul will be the special referee, but said that the YouTube and podcast star will be involved in some way. He added that Paul and Bad Bunny will be the celebrities for this year’s two-night WrestleMania, set for Saturday, April 10th and Sunday, April 11th on Peacock.

On Friday’s WWE SmackDown, Zayn said Paul will be his guest at this Friday’s red carpet premiere of the trailer for the documentary he has been filming. The two began trading tweets last week as a way to introduce him into the storyline. During the aforementioned segment, Owens challenged his old rival to a match at WrestleMania which Zayn reluctantly accepted.

Paul was set to face Floyd Mayweather in a boxing exhibition in February, but the fight was postponed for undisclosed reasons. He faced fellow YouTube personality KSI in November 2019 which did more than one million PPV buys on YouTube.

WrestleMania 37 will feature Universal Champion Roman Reigns vs. Edge vs. Daniel Bryan; WWE Champion Bobby Lashley vs. Drew McIntyre, The Miz vs. Bad Bunny; SmackDown Women’s Champion Sasha Banks vs. Bianca Belair, and more.

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Tehran, March — The death toll from major floods swamping much of Iran has risen to 21, emergency services said Tuesday, as authorities sent safety warnings to mobile telephones across the country. Supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei issued a message of condolence urging officials to speed up relief efforts and compensation for victims of the floods, which the authorities described as unprecedented.

The disaster, which the energy minister blamed on climate change, struck in the middle of Iranian New Year holidays, with many relief workers on vacation.Nineteen people were killed and 98 injured in the southern city of Shiraz, while one person died in the western province of Kermanshah and another in Lorestan, also in the west, rescue services said.
At least 110 people were reported wounded, according to the health ministry.Dramatic video posted to social media showed fast-moving water dragging piles of vehicles down streets that had become rivers. Some of the vehicles being swept away still had people clinging to them or trying to escape. One video, posted on Monday, showed several people struggling to cling to a lamp pole on a flooded roadway before losing their grip and being pulled away by the water.With 20 of Iran’s 31 provinces experiencing floods or facing an imminent threat, the country’s National Crisis Management Committee was activated at the cabinet level.Iran’s meteorological service has warned of more heavy showers until Wednesday, and flood warnings have gone out for central provinces such as Isfahan and the capital Tehran.Overnight the crisis management committee sent out multiple text messages to all mobile telephones in Iran urging people to be cautious and await instructions from official sources.”Remain calm when facing possible dangers… do not honk your car horns in mountainous regions as it might cause avalanches,” one of the messages read.”Do not setup tents near rivers or mountainous areas… and most importantly do not cross bridges when floods are running underneath,” read another one.

The floods followed extreme rainfall which at times was equivalent to half of the average annual levels within 24 hours.It follows major floods on March 19 in the northeastern provinces of Golestan and Mazandaran, for which no official casualty toll has been given.Such a widespread flood threat is unprecedented in arid Iran, which until 2018 was dealing with decades of drought.”Climate change is forcing itself on our country,” said Energy Minister Reza Ardekanian, who is in charge of dams and water supply.”These unprecedented floods in our country are because of climate change worldwide,” he said on Monday, quoted by the Tasnim news agency.

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On Friday’s KO Show segment of WWE SmackDown, Sami Zayn revealed to Kevin Owens that Logan Paul will be his guest on next Friday’s show for the red carpet premiere for the trailer of the documentary he has been filming.

He and Paul have been trading tweets the past few days with Zayn saying he sent Paul DMs of “raw footage that my documentary crew has collected over the past few months. What you saw was the tip of the iceberg. No one understands how bad WWE has it out for me.” Zayn came out and said that his documentary will “expose the WWE conspiracy against him.” 

Paul said, “Yeah, I checked it out. You might be onto something.” As of this writing, Paul hasn’t posted any acknowledgment on Twitter about his SmackDown appearance.

Paul is best known for being a YouTube celebrity who was set to box the legendary Floyd Mayweather Jr. in a February exhibition match on pay-per-view until it was postponed.

During the aforementioned segment, Zayn reluctantly accepted Owens’ challenge for a match at this year’s WrestleMania.

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Maria Ressa, a prominent press freedom advocate and boss of the Rappler news website, was arrested by authorities in the Philippines on Friday — the second time the journalist has been detained in less than two months.

Ressa is editor and CEO of Rappler and has been named a TIME Person of the Year for advocacy for democracy. She is a frequent critic of Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte.She was detained on Friday for alleged violations of Philippine laws preventing the ownership or management of domestic media entities by foreign interests.
She was detained as she arrived at Manila’s international airport on Friday but later posted bail and was freed. “Every action takes us farther into a descent into tyranny,” she told journalists outside the court in Pasig city. “This is the weaponization of the law.” She flew into Manila on Friday from the U.S., after securing permission to travel while the various cases against her proceed.He lawyer Francis Lim said in a statement that Ressa and Rappler found the arrest “not surprising” and noted that they had “prepared ourselves for it.” Some of her Rappler colleagues accused with her of the new charges posted bail earlier this week.”Let it be crystal clear that these acts of harassment will not deter our clients from doing their duty as journalists,” Lim said. “We believe in the rule of law and it is our fervent hope that we will prevail in the end.”The new charges come from a complaint by the Philippines’ National Bureau of Investigation, which claims Rappler received investment from the U.S.-based Omidyar Network. Rappler denies any violation of the “anti-dummy” laws, arguing that Omidyar was given no power over the Philippine news site’s editorial or financial operations.Ressa’s previous arrestRessa was detained in February for alleged cyber libel. She has been routinely harassed online for her news outlet’s reporting on Duterte’s controversial and deadly war on drugs and its use of social media for propaganda since 2016, shortly after Duterte was elected president.Shortly after she was freed on bail in February she appeared at a rally for press freedom and urged her fellow journalists, along with dozens of activists and civil leaders: “Do not be afraid. Speak out against suppression of press freedom.”

On Feb. 1, just weeks before her first arrest and as she faced a separate prosecution in her home country over alleged tax violations, Ressa insisted that the charges against her were politically motivated and designed to silence her and her news website.In that interview Ressa spoke out forcefully about the role U.S.-based social media giants, most notably Facebook, which is hugely popular in the Philippines, had in spreading “tainted” information in a way that she said was distorting the democratic process worldwide.”We always say information is power, right? Well, what happens when information is tainted and toxic sludge poisons are introduced into the body of democracy?” she asked.

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New Japan Pro Wrestling will reveal the IWGP World Heavyweight championship belt prior to the new title’s first defense at Sakura Genesis.

The company announced this morning that the new championship will be revealed at Korakuen Hall on March 30 during the Road to Sakura Genesis event. The championship will be defended by Kota Ibushi for the first time at Sakura Genesis on April 4, when he faces Will Ospreay.

It was announced earlier this month that the IWGP Heavyweight and Intercontinental titles would be merged into a new championship, the IWGP World Heavyweight championship. Ibushi’s win over Desperado at the 49th Anniversary show on March 4 marked the final defense of both titles.

This effectively ends the lineage of both titles. The IWGP Heavyweight title dates back to 1987, when Antonio Inoki won the championship in a tournament final, defeating Masa Saito. The Intercontinental title was established in 2011 when MVP defeated Toru Yano in a eight-man tournament final in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

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Britain’s Parliament has spoken — and it has said no, again. Lawmakers seeking a way out of the country’s Brexit morass on Monday rejected four alternatives to the government’s unpopular European Union divorce deal that would have softened or even halted Britain’s departure.

With just 12 days until the U.K. must come up with a new plan or crash out of the bloc in chaos, the House of Commons threw out four alternatives to Prime Minister Theresa May’s thrice-rejected Brexit deal — though in some cases by a whisker.The result leaves the government with a range of unpalatable choices. It can gamble on a fourth attempt to push May’s unloved deal through Parliament, let Britain tumble out of the bloc without a deal, or roll the dice by opting for a snap election to shake up Parliament.
Brexit Secretary Stephen Barclay said the government would continue to seek support for a “credible” plan for leaving the EU.”This house has continuously rejected leaving without a deal just as it has rejected not leaving at all,” he said. “Therefore the only option is to find a way through which allows the U.K. to leave with a deal.”Labor leader Jeremy Corbyn said it was “disappointing” that none of the proposals secured a majority, BBC News reports. He said he wanted to remind lawmakers that May’s deal had been “overwhelmingly rejected.”He added: “If it is good enough for the prime minister to have three chances at her deal, then I suggest it’s possible the House should have a chance to consider again the options we had before us … so the House can succeed where the prime minister has failed — in presenting a credible economic relationship with Europe for the future that prevents us crashing out with no deal.”May has summoned her Cabinet for a marathon meeting Tuesday to thrash out the options. The prime minister, who is renowned for her dogged determination, could try to bring her Brexit agreement back for a fourth time later this week.Monday’s votes revealed a preference among lawmakers for a softer form of Brexit — but not a majority to make it happen.The narrowest defeat — 276 votes to 273 — was for a plan to keep Britain in a customs union with the EU, guaranteeing smooth and tariff-free trade in goods. A motion that went further, calling for Britain to stay in the EU’s borderless single market for both goods and services, was defeated 282-261.

A third proposal calling for any Brexit deal Britain strikes with the EU to be put to a public referendum was defeated 292-280.The fourth, which would let Britain cancel Brexit if it came within two days of crashing out of the bloc without a deal, fell by a wider margin, 292-191.May had already ruled out all the ideas under consideration. But the divorce deal she negotiated with the EU has been rejected by Parliament three times, leaving Britain facing a no-deal Brexit that could cause turmoil for people and businesses on both sides of the Channel.Conservative lawmaker Nick Boles, architect of the single-market option, acknowledged he had failed in his attempt to break the deadlock.”I have failed chiefly because my party refuses to compromise,” Boles added, announcing that he was quitting the Conservatives to sit as an independent in Parliament.The April 12 deadline, imposed by the EU, gives Britain’s politicians less than two weeks to bridge the hostile divide that separates those in her government who want to sever links with the EU and those who want to keep the ties that have bound Britain to the bloc for almost 50 years.Lawmakers have carved out more time on Wednesday for further votes on Brexit options.

The impasse is raising expectations that lawmakers or the government could try to trigger a snap election in the hope a new configuration in Parliament would break the Brexit logjam. But the Conservatives are worried that could hand power to the opposition Labour Party.The lack of consensus reflects a Parliament and a government deeply divided over how — and whether — to leave the EU.Justice Secretary David Gauke said leaving the bloc without a deal was “not the responsible thing for a government to do.”But Chief Secretary to the Treasury Liz Truss said it would be better than a soft Brexit.”I don’t have any fear of no-deal,” she said.The Brexit impasse has alarmed businesses, who say the uncertainty has deterred investment and undermined economic growth.The chief executive of industrial manufacturer Siemens U.K. implored lawmakers to unite around a compromise deal, saying “Brexit is exhausting our business and wrecking the country’s tremendous reputation as an economic powerhouse.”

Juergen Maier urged lawmakers to keep Britain in a customs union with the EU, saying that would allow frictionless trade to continue. In a letter published by the Politico website, Maier said “where the U.K. used to be beacon for stability, we are now becoming a laughing stock.”EU leaders have called a special summit April 10 to consider any request from Britain for a delay to Brexit — or to make last-minute preparations for Britain’s departure without a deal two days later.The European Parliament’s Brexit coordinator, Guy Verhofstadt, warned that a no-deal Brexit was looming unless Britain changed course.”The House of Commons again votes against all options,” he tweeted. “A hard #Brexit becomes nearly inevitable. On Wednesday, the U.K. has a last chance to break the deadlock or face the abyss.”

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The NXT United Kingdom Championship will officially be on the line at TakeOver: Stand & Deliver.

WWE has announced that WALTER will defend his NXT United Kingdom Championship against Tommaso Ciampa at TakeOver: Stand & Deliver night one. The match was made official after a challenge that was issued by Ciampa on NXT tonight.

WALTER and Ciampa’s feud began when Ciampa mentioned WALTER on NXT two weeks ago. After Imperium invited Timothy Thatcher to join them and said that he could bring Ciampa along too, Ciampa told Thatcher that he’s not interested in joining Imperium. But Ciampa said he was interested in facing Imperium’s general. Ciampa said WALTER was sitting safely across the pond holding onto the NXT United Kingdom Championship while the rest of Imperium did his dirty work.

On last week’s NXT, WALTER returned to the show for the first time since the COVID-19 pandemic began. After Ciampa defeated Marcel Barthel, WALTER confronted Ciampa and then laid him out after Ciampa was attacked by Barthel and Fabian Aichner.

WALTER quickly defeated Drake Maverick by referee stoppage on NXT tonight. Ciampa then came to the ring and addressed WALTER. Ciampa said he misspoke when he said WALTER intrigues him. Ciampa said what actually intrigues him is WALTER’s NXT United Kingdom Championship. Ciampa challenged WALTER to a title match at TakeOver: Stand & Deliver, but WALTER initially dismissed him.

Ciampa then slapped WALTER as he was leaving the ring. Ciampa was held down by Barthel and Aichner but kept fighting back. The segment ended with WALTER chopping Ciampa and accepting his challenge for TakeOver.

Thatcher hasn’t appeared on NXT either of the past two weeks.

WALTER has been NXT United Kingdom Champion since April 2019. He also has a title defense against Rampage Brown that’s been announced for NXT UK: Prelude. That show will air the day after TakeOver: Stand & Deliver night one.

TakeOver: Stand & Deliver night one is airing live on the USA Network on Wednesday, April 7. On Thursday, April 8, night two will be live on Peacock in the United States and live on the WWE Network everywhere else. Here are the updated cards for the event:

TakeOver: Stand & Deliver night one —
NXT Women’s Champion Io Shirai defends against Raquel Gonzalez
NXT United Kingdom Champion WALTER defends against Tommaso Ciampa
Triple threat match for the vacant NXT Tag Team titles: MSK (Wes Lee & Nash Carter) vs, The Grizzled Young Veterans (Zack Gibson & James Drake) vs. Legado Del Fantasma (Raul Mendoza & Joaquin Wilde)
Gauntlet Eliminator match to determine NXT North American Champion Johnny Gargano’s challenger for TakeOver: Stand & Deliver night two (a 12-man battle royal on next week’s NXT will determine the six participants for the Gauntlet Eliminator match)
TakeOver: Stand & Deliver night two —
NXT Champion Finn Balor defends against Karrion Kross
Unsanctioned match: Adam Cole vs. Kyle O’Reilly
Ladder match to determine undisputed NXT Cruiserweight Champion: Jordan Devlin vs. Santos Escobar
NXT North American Champion Johnny Gargano defends against winner of Gauntlet Eliminator match from night one

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The nation’s largest holding facility for unaccompanied migrant children is set to expand for the second time this year, rapidly adding more than 850 beds to a massive facility that is already capable of housing more than 2,300 teens.

An April 1 announcement of the decision by the United States Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) attributed the facility’s growth to a “dramatic spike” in unaccompanied migrant children arriving at the southern border in recent months. The facility already underwent a significant expansion beginning in mid-January, nearly doubling in size from its original capacity. The most recent expansion — an increase of about 36 percent, to 3,200 beds beginning in mid-April — was first reported by the Miami New Times.The announcement came three days after Department of Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen wrote a letter to members of the House and Senate with an “urgent request” to grant more authority allowing DHS to return unaccompanied migrant children to their home countries. In her letter, she said the current process that ultimately places children in the custody of sponsors in the U.S. encourages more migrants to make the trip north.
When a CBS News reporter toured the Homestead facility on Feb. 27, its program coordinator estimated that more than 99 percent of the residents had fled violence in their home countries. The vast majority housed at Homestead are from Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras. Located on several acres of federal land adjacent to an Air Reserve Base in Homestead, Florida, the facility is the nation’s only site not subject to routine inspections by state child welfare experts. Teens sleep in bunk bed-lined dorm rooms ranging in capacity from small rooms that fit 12 younger children to enormous halls shared by as many as 200 17-year-old boys, in rows of beds about shoulder-width apart.During the February tour, the program coordinator claimed that the older children prefer the cavernous digs to the more confined spaces.”They say it’s like a slumber party,” she said.The facility is separated into two distinct, fenced sections. The south side holds 13- through 16-year-olds, and across the street, the north side is exclusively for 17-year-olds, who are deemed too old to be housed with the younger teens. Siblings who are separated because of that age division can schedule brief weekly supervised visits.The days begin at 6 a.m. and follow a strict schedule, as children proceed in single-file lines from building to building under the watchful eyes of more than 2,300 staff. The facility’s operator, Comprehensive Health Services, is the nation’s only private company to run unaccompanied migrant children’s shelters. In addition to the Homestead facility, it also opened three new facilities in Texas last year and plans to open two more, the program coordinator said.About three-quarters of the facility’s roughly 2,000 current residents are boys. Inside the large air-conditioned tents, a cacophony of instructors’ voices are carried by microphones over temporary walls dividing dozens of classrooms. The children receive lessons in English reading and writing, social studies, math and science, but the instructors and curricula are not monitored or certified by the local Miami-Dade County Public Schools. Though the children are typically kept in small groups filing from class to class and between appointments, they come together by the hundreds for meals and recreation. 

Meals range from the typically American (scrambled eggs with ham and cheese, sausage and hash browns for breakfast on Feb. 27, the day the CBS News reporter visited) to versions of common Latin American dishes (pork adobo with rice and beans).Under a federal court agreement known as the Flores settlement, unaccompanied migrant are supposed to be housed in “non-secure” facilities, which means the children cannot be prevented from coming and going as they please. The facility’s administrator said that is technically the case in Homestead, but acknowledged that the facility is surrounded by a tall covered fence and monitored by a large team of patrolling private security contractors.During a daily outdoor recreation hour, as parachuting Air Reserve personnel on a training exercise passed by overhead, teens gathered in groups or played soccer on a field buttressed by the tall covered fence that surrounds the site. This is the one location where teens can be seen from outside the facility, and protesters routinely gather across the street, shouting messages of support in Spanish over the fence as tan armored vehicles zoom by.The heavy security is one of a slew of issues repeatedly raised by lawyers tasked with monitoring compliance with the Flores agreement. They flagged Homestead, as well as a dozen other facilities, in a Dec. 31 letter to the Department of Justice outlining what they say are violations of the agreement. Though HHS calls Homestead a temporary influx care facility, some lawyers involved use harsher terms to describe it.”We are deeply disturbed that ORR [Office of Refugee Resettlement, a part of HHS] has chosen to expand the capacity of this unlicensed internment camp rather than increasing its capacity to promptly release children to their family members,” wrote Leecia Welch, senior director for legal advocacy and child welfare with National Center for Youth Law, a nonprofit law firm involved in the Flores case.Sen. Jeff Merkley, D-Ore., used similar language in a statement to CBS News Thursday morning.”Homestead is a massive prison for migrant children whose only crime is to flee persecution back home. I visited it last month and was disturbed to find that this prison is operated outside the jurisdiction of the State of Florida. Staff are not thoroughly vetted and the children I spoke with said they were threatened with indefinite detention if they misbehaved.” Merkley said. “These children belong in homes, schools, and playgrounds as they await their asylum hearings, not in prisons. This prison should be shut down, not expanded.”

Another complaint raised by attorneys and advocates involved with Homestead is that, even as it hastily hires hundreds of new employees following its initial expansion in January, Comprehensive Health Services was unable to access Florida’s statewide child abuse background check system.In its April 1 announcement, HHS noted that employees are subject to FBI background checks.”FBI fingerprint background checks are robust and provide relevant information sufficient to ensure child safety,” HHS said. However, attorneys note that while the FBI scans for criminal convictions, state child abuse databases include information about child welfare investigations and allegations that don’t necessarily lead to criminal charges, allowing licensed child care operators to look for red flags that the federal system might miss.In the last year, Florida’s child-welfare agency have investigated two allegations of sexual abuse by staff at the facility, but found the allegations could not be substantiated, according to data obtained by the News Service of Florida.

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Cleveland, Ohio:
– Duncan C. Ross defeated James McLaughlin in a best-of-three falls match for the American Collar-and-Elbow Title


Wichita, Kansas:
– NWA World Heavyweight Champion Roy Dunn beat Prince Seelie 


Des Moines, Iowa:
– Ray Steele defeated Marshall Estep for the NWA World Junior Heavyweight Title 


Omaha, Nebraska:
– Emil and Ernie Dusek defeated Mr. X (Jack Moore) and Mr. XX (Frank Taylor) to become the first Nebraska Tag Team Champions 


Edmonton, Alberta, Canada:
– Ivan and Karol Kalmikoff defeated Guy and Joe Brunetti to win the Calgary NWA Canadian Tag Team Titles 


– George and Sandy Scott won the American Wrestling Alliance World Tag Team Title from Doc and Mike Gallagher


Kansas City, Kansas:
– Jerry Kozak defeated Jim Wehba
– The Viking defeated Bobby Shane
– The Butcher defeated Sonny Myers
– Texas Death Lumberjack Match: The Mongolian Stomper & Bob Ellis defeated Bob Geigel & Bob Brown


Chicago, Illinois:
– No DQ Match: Dick the Bruiser & the Crusher beat Dusty Rhodes & Dick Murdoch
– Bill Watts beat Blackjack Lanza
– Superstar Billy Graham beat Sailor Art Thomas
– Ernie Ladd beat Reggie Parks
– Jimmy Valiant beat Ric Flair
– Bobby Heenan beat Jim Brunzell


Topeka, Kansas:
– Oki Shikina and Yasu Fuji defeated Mike George and Jerry Oates to win the Central States NWA World Tag Team Titles


Sacramento, California:
– Invader I and Don Muraco defeated Pedro Morales and Pat Patterson for the San Francisco NWA World Tag Team Titles


Houston, Texas:
– NWA Champion Harley Race drew Wahoo McDaniel
– AWA Champion Nick Bockwinkel beat Rocky Johnson in 2 out of 3 falls
– Brass Knucks Title Match: Killer Karl Krupp beat Jose Lothario
– Texas Girl’s Title: Joyce Grable beat Leilani Kai
– Dale Valentine defeated Al Madril to win the NWA Texas Heavyweight Title 


Little Rock, Arkansas:
– Charlie Cook defeated Ron Bass for the NWA Arkansas Heavyweight Title 


Red Deer, Alberta, Canada:
– The Dynamite Kid defeated Keith Hart in a tournament final to win the vacant Stampede British Commonwealth Mid-Heavyweight Title 

St. Paul, Minnesota:
– The Crusher & Super Destroyer Mark III & Lord Alfred Hayes beat Nick Bockwinkel & Super Destroyer Mark II & Bobby Heenan
– Dino Bravo beat Jerry Blackwell COR
– Greg Gagne beat Adrian Adonis
– Jesse Ventura beat Mad Dog Vachon
– Steve Olsonoski beat Buddy Wolff
– Buck Zumhofe drew Ricky Hunter


Memphis, Tennessee:
– Jerry Bryant beat David Oswald
– Sonny King pinned Ed Flugart
– Dennis Condrey & David Schultz beat Bill Dundee & Steve Regal
– Ricky & Robert Gibson beat Wayne Ferris & Larry Latham via DQ
– Jimmy Valiant, Billy Robinson, & Ken Lucas beat Paul Ellering, Ali Hassan, & Jimmy Hart via DQ


Tampa, Florida:
– Mike Graham and Barry Windham defeated The Assassins to become the Florida NWA North American Tag Team Champions 


Bayamón, Puerto Rico:
– King Tonga defeated Bob Sweetan for the WWC Puerto Rico Heavyweight Title 

Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada:
– Hulk Hogan beat AWA Champion Nick Bockwinkel by DQ
– AWA Tag Team Champions Jim Brunzell & Greg Gagne beat Jesse Ventura & Ken Patera
– Billy Robinson drew Rick Martel
– Sheik Adnan beat Buck Zumhofe
– Jerry Lawler beat John Tolos
– Brad Rheingans beat Buddy Lane


Fort Worth, Texas:
– Lance Von Erich defeated Buddy Roberts to win the World Class Television Title 

Memphis, Tennessee:
– Frank Morrell beat Keith Eric
– Jos LeDuc beat Davey Haskins & David Jamieson in a handicap match
– Paul Diamond & Michael Lee beat Tony Falk & Pat Rose
– Billy Joe Travis beat Abdul Gaddafi to win the CWA International Title
– Billy Joe Travis & Frank Morrell beat The MOD Squad via DQ
– Jerry Lawler & Dutch Mantel beat Bill Dundee & Buddy Landel in 26 falls of a Texas death match


St. Petersburg, Florida:
– The Nasty Boys (Brian Knobbs and Jerry Sags) defeated Johnny Ace and The Terminator for the NWA Florida Tag Team Titles

Calgary, Alberta, Canada:
– Davey Boy Smith won the Stampede North American Heavyweight Title from Don Muraco


San Juan, Puerto Rico:
– Abdullah the Butcher defeated TNT (Savio Vega) for the WWC Universal Heavyweight Title 
– Leo Burke defeated Carlos Colón to win the WWC Television Title


WrestleMania VII: Los Angeles, California:
– Shawn Michaels & Marty Jannetty defeated the Barbarian & Haku (w/ Bobby Heenan) 
– Kerry Von Erich pinned Dino Bravo (w/ Jimmy Hart) 
– Davey Boy Smith pinned the Warlord (w/ Slick) 
– Jake Roberts pinned Rick Martel in a blindfold match 
– The Undertaker (w/ Paul Bearer) pinned Jimmy Snuka
– Genichiro Tenryu & Koji Kitao defeated Demolition Smash & Crush (w/ Mr. Fuji) 
– The Big Bossman defeated WWF IC Champion Mr. Perfect (w/ Bobby Heenan) via disqualification
– Virgil (w/ Roddy Piper) defeated Ted Dibiase via count-out 
– The Nasty Boys defeated The Hart Foundation to win the WWF World Tag Team Titles
– The Ultimate Warrior defeated Randy Savage in a retirement match 
– The Mountie (w/ Jimmy Hart) pinned Tito Santana
– Hulk Hogan pinned Sgt. Slaughter to win the WWF World Title


Vancouver, Washington:
– Ron Harris won the NWA Pacific Northwest Heavyweight Title from Steve Doll 


Kyoto, Japan:
– Rick Rude defeated Hiroshi Hase to win the WCW International World Heavyweight Title


Erlanger, Kentucky:
– Killer Kyle pinned Boo Bradley
– SMW Tag Champs The Rock-n-Roll Express beat Al Snow & Unabom 
– The Gangstas beat Tracy Smothers & Boo Bradley
– The Dirty White Boy pinned Buddy Landel in a steel cage match


North Versailles, Pennsylvania:
– Cody Hawk defeated Shark Boy to win the Pro Wrestling eXpress Television Title

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Jeffersonville, Indiana:
– Flash Flanagan defeated Randy Orton to win the OVW Hardcore Title 


Kobe, Japan:
– Masahiro Chono and Hiroyoshi Tenzan defeated Yuji Nagata and Manabu Nakanishi to win the IWGP Tag Team Titles in a tournament final


Kansas City, Kansas:
– Maddox defeated Shane Sanders 
– Sharkbait defeated Will Lowe by submission
– Stephen Wolf defeated Christan Rose
– Dak Draper defeated Ace Steel by pinfall via the Mile High Draper bomb
– Howletts and Michael Strider defeated Besties in the World and Gary Jay (Gil Rogers attacked Strider after the match)
– Marti Belle defeated Rhane Victoria by submission 
– Maverick defeated Thomas Shire to retain the Spirit of NWL Title 
– Royal Blood defeated Top Shelf Entertainment by pinfall 
– Jeremy Wyatt defeated Jack Foster to retain NWL Championship

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