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On a recent edition of The Steve Austin Show podcast, Stone Cold and Jim Ross discussed a number of current WWE happenings. 
During the podcast, Austin expressed disappointment about WWE not utilizing Shinsuke Nakamura to his full capabilities. Austin went on to say Nakamura’s work in Japan is a lot better than his work with the WWE, and that WWE creative is booking Nakamura like another “Joe Blow.” 
Here’s Stone Cold’s take: 

“You bring him over and he’s going 30-minute broadways with half the damn roster. Debuted down there in WrestleMania 32, NXT, with Sami Zayn, hell of a match. Hell of a match! A lot of credit to Sami Zayn and Shinsuke, but here’s The King of Strong Style and all of a sudden he comes in and he’s working Dolph (Ziggler) and it took him a long time to finish Dolph for The King of Strong Style. Do you understand where I’m going with this gimmick? That’s booking, though. What is the plan? You’ve got this guy who’s one of those talents that just don’t come around every single day. He’s special. He comes in and you treat him like he’s another Joe Blow.” 
J.R. admitted he’s been disappointed as well with the handling of the Brock Lesnar-Samoa Joe feud. Ross suggested that if he were in charge that he would have saved a match between current WWE Universal Champion Brock Lesnar and Samoa Joe for WrestleMania.
Here’s what Ross said: 
“If I was booking WWE or if I had influence on the booking of WWE, or whatever, my WrestleMania main event would be Joe and Brock and I would build it and by the time we got there, people would be going crazy to see it. For a guy like me, at my stage of life, that’s the fountain of youth because that’s back to old school, two tough, legit tough son-of-a-b****** that aren’t out there playing a role of a pro wrestler, locking up like two invalids. Locking up like two men, like two athletes of any gender.”

Here’s a link to the podcast:

The WWE has been rejected in its effort to trademark the Hardy’s names and property likeness by the US Patent and Trademark Office.  Both Matt Hardy and Jeff Hardy were rejected by the office after documents were submitted but lacked either Hardy’s signature of consent for either name. It is reported that the WWE responded with the Hardy’s signed consent.
Also, Matt Hardy was rejected because of the ongoing dispute with Global Force Wrestling over who owns the right to the name “Broken” Matt Hardy. Hardy himself has filed for his own copyright on the name and until that application is processed, the WWE’s claim can not be processed.
The term “The Hardy Boyz” seems to be going forward and will be published for public opposition, meaning someone else could file a dispute about the name as well.

In an interesting bit of irony, the WWE itself was nearly sued in recent months when they used the Great Balls of Fire name without permission from Jerry Lee Lewis, to the point where Lewis was attempting to file suit, but a deal was reached where they not only got permission to use the name but the song as well.


Buffalo Quadrangular

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Buffalo Quadrangular

Buffalo 46 Minnetonka 28
106 Charlie DesMarais(B) Maj. Dec over Logan Renninger (M) 13-3
113 Josh Anderson (B) Fall 1:50 over Matt Sramek (M)
120 Jake McGann (M) Dec. over Jared Meyer (B) 12-6
126 Josh Skarin (B) fall 2:45 over James Makres (M)
132 Harrison Scane Fall :45 over Wesley Sanderson (B)
138 Cole Scherber Fall 2:27 over James Again (M)
145 Grey Liedtke dec. over Corbin Ruby (B) 8-2
152 Ethan Klein (B) Fall 1:08 over Ian Scherber (B)
160 Jacob Scherber (B) Fall 5:45 over Pierce Breedlove (M)
170 Avery Garsky Maj. Dec. over Matt Ruhr (B) 9-1
182 Hunter Durand (B) Fall 3:32 over John Obermiller (M)
195 Auston Anderson Alverez (B) FF
220 Keyshan Johnson (M) FFatt
HWT Adam Treptau (B) Fall 2:19 over Aaron Moore (M)

Rocori 48 Kimball 25
106 Zavier Grefe (R) Fall 1:49 over Michael Donnay (K)
113 Cole Steil (R) Fall 2:33 over Payton Schiefelbein (K)
120 Adam Kunz (R) Fall 1:27 over Preston Wills (K)
126 Blaine Tschida (K) Fall 3:25 over Gunnar Feldhege (R)
132 Payton Hanan (K) Dec. over Cory McCarney (R) 5-1
138 Cody Buermann (R) Tech Fall over Jacob Borman (K) 16-0
145 Nick Warn (R) Maj Dec over Tanner Schreifels (K) 9-0
152 Markus Mehr (K) Maj Dec. over Justin Rose (R) 10-0
160 Ben Hoffman (R) Dec. Matt Donnay (K) 8-3
170 Skyler Schiefelbein (K) Fall 2:16 over Mitchell Schwinghammer (R)
182 Dalton Calfas (R) Fall 2:45 over Brandon Loch (K)
195 Seth Klein (R) Fall 1:04 over Ben Zipoy (K)
220 Austin Schiefelbein (K) fall 1:31 over Ryan Vigil (R)
HWT Tyler Hoffman (R) Fall :26 over Austin Hentges (K)

Rocori 35 Buffalo 33
106 Charlie DesMarais (B) Fall 1:07 over Zavier Grefe (R)
113 Josh Anderson (B) Dec. over Cole Steil (R) 7-4
120 Adam Kunz (R) Fall 1:34 over Caleb Drews (B)
126 Gunnar Feldgege (R) Dec. Josh Skarin (B) 3-1
132 Wesley Sanderson (B) fall 1:36 over Cory McCarney (R)
138 Cody Buermann (R) Tech Fall over Cole Scherber (B) 4:32
145 Nick Warn (R) Fall 4:32 over Corbin Ruby (B)
152 Ian Scherber (B) fall :54 over Ben Hoffman (R)
160 Mitchell Schwinghammer (R) Dec. Jacob Scherber (B) 5-4
170 Matthew Ruhr (B) dec. Dalton Calfas (R) 10-7
182 Hunter Durand (B) FF
195 Seth Klein (R) Fall 1:56 over Auston Anderson Alvarez
220 Ryan Vigil (R) FF
HWT Adam Treptau (B) dec. Tyler Hoffman (R) 3-1

Minnetonka 46 Kimball 25
106 Payton Schiefebein (K) dec. over Logan Renninger (M) 4-3
113 Matt Sramek (M) Fall 5:35 over Micheal Donnay (K)
120 Jake McGann (M) Fall 1:24 over Preston Wills (K)
126 Blane Tschida (K) Fall :26 over James Makres (M)
132 Harrison Scane (M) TF over Payton Hanan (K)
138 James Agan (M) Fall 3:50 over Jacob Borman (K)
145 Grey Liedtke (M) Tech Fall over Tanner Schreifels (K) 17-1
152 Markus Mehr (K) dec. Ethan Klein 2-0 OT
160 Matt Donnay (K) dec. Pierce Breedlove (M) 5-3
170 Avery Garski (M) Fall 5:53 Skyler Schieflbein (K)
182 John Obermilller (M) Fall 3:34 over Brandon Loch (K)
195 Ben Zipy (K) FF
220 Austin Schiefelbein (K) maj. dec Keyshan Johnson (M) 17-4
HWT Aaron Moore (M) Fall :52 over Austin Hentges (K)

Buffalo 36 Kimball 33
106 Charlie DesMarais (B) Fall 3:45 Payton Schiefelbein (K)
113 Josh Anderson (B) Fall :45 Micheal Donnay (K)
120 Caleb Drews (B) Fall 1:49 Preston Wills (K)
126 Blane Tschida (K) Fall 1:22 over Josh Skarin (B)
132 Payton Hanan (K) dec Wesley Sanderson (B) 9-7
138 Cole Scherber (B) Fall 3:13 over Jacob Borman (K)
145 Tanner Schreifels (K) Fall 3:34 over Corbin Ruby (B)
152 Markus Mehr (K) dec Ian Scherber (B) 3-0
160 Jacobon Scherber (B) dec. Matt Donnay (K) 2-1
170 Skyler Schiefelbein (K) fall 1:09 over Matthew Ruhr (B)
182 Hutner Durand (B) fall 1:59 over Logan Schlueter (K)
195 Auston Anderson Alvarez (B) dec. Ben Zipoy (K) 13-7
220 Austin Hentges (K) FF
HWT Austin Schiefelbein (K) dec. Adam Treptau (B) 3-2

Rocori 51 Minnetonka 19
106 Logan Renninger (M) dec. Zavier Grefe (R) 9-7 OT
113 Cole Steil (R) Fall :50 over Matt Sramek (M)
120 Adam Kunz (R) Fall 3:38 over Jake McGann (M)
126 Gunnar Feldhege (R) dec. James Markes (M) 9-7
132 Harrison Scane (M) maj. dec. Cory McCarney (R) 15-5
138 Cody Buermann (R) Fall 3:32 James Agan (M)
145 Nick Warn (R) dec. Grey Liedtke 10-5
152 Ethan Klein (M) fall :53 Justin Rose (R)
160 Ben Hoffman (R) fall 3:25 Kevin Klass (M)
170 Avery Garski (M) Fall 1:10 Mitchell Schwinghammer (R)
182 Dalton Calfas (R) FF
195 Seth Klein (R) FF
220 Ryan Vigil (R) dec. Keyshan Johnson (M) 9-3
HWT Tyler Hoffamn fall 3:35 over Aaron Moore (M)

Bruno Sammartino was scheduled to attend the July 31st edition of Raw which emanated from Pittsburgh, but he was unable to make it after having a bad fall in his home. He ended up going to the hospital in an emergency room, but he was still able to leave for a planned trip to Italy only three days later.
Sammartino’s son, Darryl, still ended up going to Raw and picked up what was described as a very nice gift from Triple H.
Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter


The WWE finally did it, pushing a partial reunion of the Shield with Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose teaming up to take down Cesaro and Sheamus to become Raw champions at SummerSlam.
Rollins and Ambrose looked like they might not commit to getting the band back together during a feud with The Miz and The Miztourage in the weeks leading up to SummerSlam, but they pulled off the blast-from-the-past team up in a big way Sunday. It’s an important time to put a title on Rollins since he’s the cover boy for WWE2K18, and it’s a way for the WWE to freshen things up a bit with both Rollins and Ambrose.
The short-lived Rollins-Bray Wyatt feud never got over with the fans, and Ambrose’s long-running battle with The Miz for the Intercontinental Championship had grown stale.

Here’s an interview with the new champs on where they go from here:

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In order to hype up their match at No Mercy in a few weeks, last night’s Raw featured a segment involving John Cena and Roman Reigns signing the contract to make their match official. The promos that the two men cut on each other afterwards have been praised thus far for its realistic nature, some have even called it the greatest WWE segment of the entire year. The exchange of words featured a number of expletives, and the two addressed a variety of topics that the company usually considers taboo. Reigns discussed Cena being a “part-timer” and accused Cena of burying talent in the past, while Cena mainly argued that Reigns was not on the same level as he is in terms of being a top star in the company.
Some have wondered whether or not the promo was scripted or not due to the ‘fourth wall’ breaks implemented in the segment. The belief is that it was all part of the show, but Cena was allowed to take some creative liberties with the segment. Bring it to the Table host and close friend of WWE Peter Rosenberg claimed that what John Cena had said during the segment is how he really feels about Reigns. Most fans seem to believe that John Cena came out victorious in the segment and that Roman’s inability to connect with the crowd the same way that Cena can is a major reason why he did not fare too well in their eyes. Reigns’ promo work was mocked by Cena during the segment as well. Their match is now official for the No Mercy pay-per-view on next month.

The buzz of the WWE is that @JohnCena was legit shooting about everything he said to @WWERomanReigns tonight ??
— Peter Rosenberg (@Rosenbergradio) August 29, 2017
Former WWE Superstar Santino Marella returned to the ring recently and wrestled his final match. Marella wrestled for Destiny Wrestling in Toronto inside of his very own gym. He and Chavo Guerrero Jr. teamed up to take on RJ City and Stone Rockwell. After the match, Santino spoke to the crowd out of character, and announced his retirement due to some neck issues that he has been dealing with. His family and friends were in attendance to witness Marella’s final match. Marella was a multi-time US and Intercontinental Champion in WWE before he left the company. He currently owns the Battle Arts Academy gym in Ontario.

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The Sam Roberts Wrestling Podcast recently featured WWE Superstar and one half of the current WWE Raw Tag Team Champions Seth Rollins. Seth Rollins was interviewed when he was featured in The Sam Roberts Wrestling Podcast. Below are the highlights from the interview:
On having a healthy sense of competition within The Shield back when the group was active: “I think so. I think it was a healthy competition though. It was one of those things where it helped us push each other because we all wanted to be single’s stars – we were never like, ‘hey, let’s do this together and call ourselves The Shield.’ That was kind of thrust upon us. Myself, Ambrose, and Reigns all separately down in NXT/FCW, whatever, were all on our own doing our own thing, we all wanted to be world champion and that kind of stuff. We all had a little bit of a camaraderie as far as our generation coming to the forefront and pushing some of these older guys out of the way, but like, once we got put together in The Shield, it was honestly like a real brother type of bond as far as travel together, workout together, we had the same mindset. We were going to use that triad of force to be an even bigger wedge and really shove everybody else out of the way. And then, as we got sort of towards the end of it, we were like, ‘well, I want to be positioned to be seen this way or that way’ amongst the three of us. But again, I don’t think there was ever any jealousy. There was never any envy. It was a positive sort of healthy environment, healthy competition, to see who could kind of one up each other.”
On The Shield breaking up: “It was thrust upon us very quickly. I don’t know if that story [has] been told or not, but we were not prepared so well for the break up – ‘yeah, you’re going this way, you’re going this way, you’re going that way’ sort of thing. Well, no, [they did not want to break up] we weren’t ready for it. We thought we had a big babyface run in us, which is what we just started. We had two months with Evolution, having a couple of six-mans. We were like, ‘alright, let’s go! This is the idea we have to kind of push ourselves in that direction’ and they were like, ‘no! We need three single’s stars and we need them right now.’ And I was like, ‘well, if it’s going to be anybody, [there is] no better time than when we were on top of the world, so it worked really well and I was hesitant at first because I didn’t really see it that way, myself as the bad guy of the group. But once it was kind of laid out and the ball started rolling in my head, I was like, ‘okay, this is definitely something I can slide into’ and it worked out quite well.”

You can listen to the entire episode of The Sam Roberts Wrestling Podcast featuring the interview of Seth Rollins at


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The Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL)  claimed responsibility on Friday for the bomb attack days earlier that tore through a Saint Petersburg supermarket and wounded 14 people.

"The attack that targeted a shopping centre in Saint Petersburg the day before yesterday (Wednesday) was carried out by an Islamic State-linked group," IS said in a statement via its propaganda agency Amaq.

On Wednesday evening, a homemade bomb placed in a locker at the supermarket in northwestern Saint Petersburg, Russia’s second city and President Vladimir Putin’s home town, went off sowing panic among customers and wounding 14 people including a pregnant woman.

Saint Petersburg will host several World Cup matches including a semi-final.

Earlier this month Bortnikov said that at least 4,500 Russians had left the country to fight with "terrorists" in the Middle East, North Africa and other regions.

Over the past 20 years Russia fought two wars with separatists in Chechnya, leading Islamist militants from the North Caucasus to frequently target Russians through suicide bombings and other attacks.



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A Californian woman is attempting to round up dozens of cats that went missing during the state’s wildfires and reunite them with their owners. 

The wildfires in the last three months of 2017 were the most destructive in the state’s history, with 43 people killed and thousands of homes destroyed. 

During the blazes hundreds of cats fled from their homes in fear and many have been missing ever since.

Animal lover Jennifer Petruska has spent almost every night since the fires tracking and trapping the ‘fire cats’  in order to reunite them with their families.

So far Ms Petruska and her team of volunteers have caught more than 70 but they believe dozens more are still missing. 

The volunteers, who have called themselves Pet Rescue & Reunification, have set up a sophisticated system including a network of night-vision cameras in storm drains and other locations where many cats went into hiding. 

California wildfires destroyed thousands of homesCredit:
Noah Berger 

Every evening they set traps with tuna and mackerel and check them hourly until dawn.

Ms Petruska has been focusing on the northern Californian neighbourhood of Coffey Park, where over 1,000 homes were destroyed.

Ms Petruska, whose own home and pet were spared, told the New York Times she realised that her efforts is "ancillary" to losses many incurred and the intensive reconstruction effort taking place.

An unidentified cat injured his paws when wildfires swept through California wine country is cared for at Sonoma County Animal Services in Santa Rosa, CaliforniaCredit:

But families who have been reunited with their feline companions have expressed their gratitude to the team.

“I just wanted my cat – that was the only thing I wanted back,” one local resident, Kelly Stinson, told the paper.  

“I spent hours every single day looking for her."

Darrel Spain walks through the remains of his house destroyed from fires as he and his husband look for their missing cat in Kenwood, Calif.Credit:

Local veterinarians who have treated the rescued cats have explained that unlike dogs, cats have instinct to flee when they sense danger. 

Volunteers set up a tent to post flyers of cats found in the Coffey Park neighborhood of Santa Rosa, Calif.Credit:

A number of the rescued cats have been found with burned paws, singed whiskers and have lost a lot of weight. 

The Pet Rescue & Reunification team are eager to catch and return as many of the cats before Winter temperatures drop further. 

California wildfires cause thousands to flee, in pictures

Around ten ‘fire cats’ which have been found without any identification to enable volunteers to contact their owners are being kept at Sonoma County’s animal services department.

A cat climbs down from an unburned tree where it had taken refuge near stalls where 29 horses and numerous other animals were killed during a wildifre in Sylmar, CaliforniaCredit:
David McNew 

Authorities recommend that owners who have lost an animal during the fires check local shelters’ social media pages.The shelters often update their social channels with pictures of found pets. 

Members of the public who find a lost animal are advised to take it to a centre in the same county in which it was found for the best chance for reunification with its owner.

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Total Bellas Bonus Clips Feature John Cena

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are bonus clips from last night’s season two premiere of Total Bellas, featuring Nikki Bella talking to John Cena about family time and a tense car ride with Cena and The Bella Twins:
Total Bellas returned for its second season debut last night and of course featured engaged power couple Nikki Bella and John Cena.
There were a few bonus clips with Nikki and John talking about family and a tense car ride that were released by WWE’s YouTube Channel. Nikki hasn’t appeared on WWE since Cena proposed to her at WrestleMania, but has since announced that she will be starring on the upcoming season of Dancing With the Stars on ABC. Cena has been back with WWE and is currently embroiled in a feud with WWE’s other golden boy, Roman Reigns. Here are the clips from Total Bellas:


WWE’s YouTube Channel released bonus clips from last night’s Season Two premiere of Total Bellas, featuring Nikki Bella talking to John Cena about family time and a tense car ride with Cena and The Bella Twins.
Since Cena and Nikki have been engaged since WrestleMania, Cena figures to become a big part of this season’s show. Nikki hasn’t appeared in WWE since WrestleMania, but has since announced that she will be a competitor in the upcoming season of Dancing With The Stars on ABC. Cena is currently embroiled in a feud with the WWE’s other golden boy, Roman Reigns, on Raw.
Here are the clips from last night’s Total Bellas:

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